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Narc-Kenya and ODM are two sides of same coin

Narc-Kenya and ODM are two sides of

same coin

Narc-Kenya and ODM are two sides of same coin By Koigi wa Wamwere Among the country’s three most potent parties; Chama cha Mwananchi (CCM), Narc-Kenya and ODM-Kenya; CCM is the best.First, the names ODM-Kenya and Narc-Kenya mean nothing, while Chama cha Mwananchi means “party of the ordinary person”, the have-not, not mwenyenchi, the rich. No church or mosque is without a Bible or Koran to proclaim its faith.

Equally, no serious political party is without a manifesto to enunciate policy, ideology and goals. Accordingly, CCM has a manifesto through which it is asking Kenyans to join it. But ODM-Kenya and Narc-Kenya do not. They ask Kenyans to join them by propagating “party of our tribe”, “the President will be our candidate” and like the Chinese of old, we must follow the emperor wherever he goes; even to his grave. Only the suicidal join a party without a manifesto. 

Parties propagate elitism

In its manifesto, CCM’s ideology or guiding light is democratic socialism or equitable distribution of land and national wealth. When it comes to power, CCM will eradicate poverty, make the stinking rich less so and lift the poor above the poverty line. Without a manifesto, ODM-Kenya and Narc-Kenya have no ideology and are vehicles without headlights.

You ride them at your own risk. CCM seeks equality of all in economic status and party membership. None of its members is less or more equal than others on account of tribe or wealth. Unlike CCM, ODM-Kenya has “luminary” members who are more equal than others. Similarly, Narc-Kenya has membership categories based on money; they range from platinum Sh 125,000 and golden Sh100,000 to bottom-class members of Sh10. The latter cannot compete for party nominations with sitting MPs who are the unchallenged party leaders in every constituency except Subukia. Married to inequality, the two parties cannot consolidate democracy. 

 But as a party of the poor, CCM champions democracy and when it comes to power, it will form a government of the poor, by the poor and for the poor. Hitherto, governments have been of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. After decades of plutocracy, it is time for rule by the poor. By incorporating the poor into Government and the economy, CCM will humanise the rich and the poor.  

Animal farm analogy puzzling Why don’t Narc-Kenya and ODM-Kenya have manifestos yet they are older than CCM? Because they are animal farms of misguided sheep and goats together with lions, hyenas, leopards and other meat eaters, but are ruled by old, foxy and young carnivores whose only claim to the presidency is that they are younger and stronger meat-eaters.

Though ODM-Kenya carnivores and herbivores are united against President Kibaki, hyenas cannot agree to stop eating herbivores after victory. Unless ODM lions agree on a formula to eat sheep, renounce meat eating, which they never will, or herbivores surrender, the party will never have a manifesto their government can implement. Instead, they will choose a no-party manifesto situation where there will be a “yote yawezekana under ODM-Kenya”( everything is possible) that will be easy to betray without repercussions. The alternative will be unenforceable personal “visions”. Home to innocent sheep and vicious hyenas and foxes, Narc-Kenya cannot craft a party manifesto that can protect the interests of the corrupt and their victims. 

Narc-Kenya rooting for dictatorship

To avoid transforming Kenya into a better and more equitable society, they have made Kibaki their manifesto in the hope that people’s appreciation of his Government’s achievements will excuse them from having a manifesto. Instead, they ask Kenyans to give them a blank cheque on which they can write anything for themselves or the people.   

By Hon. Koigi Wa Wamwere. Published by CCM Editorial


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