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Maasaiwarrior says STOP killing “Mungiki” take them to court!

The whispers of discontent soon will go shouting – Freedom at last!! Positive attitude towards our fatherland can never be taken away from us, neither shall we ever be discouraged to fight for our fundamental rights. It is impossible for these political criminals imposing to be our leaders to demand any sort of patriotism from anybody for they have themselves disowned and sold our country to foreign entities. We must reclaim our country now.

Those who particularly dare to practice free expression must specifically do so to save God the next coming generation if we will not be brave enough to save our own selves.

Patriotism connotes a moral obligation to protect your country. In it’s extreme however Patriotism also implies that the individual should place the interests of the nation above their personal and group interests. In Kenya as far as i am concern, from the day of independence, politicians have time and again intimidated the patriotic voters by prioritizing their selfish personal or ethnic agenda at the expense of their patriotism.

For many, including myself these politicians deserve no respect whatsoever, and must be stopped with immediate effect.

While we , the common man makes up the majority of the population, we also make up the strongest team not by any means ever that the 10% corrupt selfish capitalist ruining our country shall ever win over us by democratic votes. It is by this reason that Kenyans must see the purpose of unity and disown unnecessary ethnic division that reduces our power to fight against the rich. We have a common enemy!

We need total reforms! Kenyans are aware of it but a few dare pronounce it loud. How can we stand the stench of the national hospital, the bumps of the Nakuru Nairobi road, the pot holes of Mombasa road!? How can we accept the killing of innocent Kenyans just because they look like suspected criminals.

How can a civilized sovereign country accept the killing of suspected Mungiki members if at all they are members without having them tried before the court of Kenya?

We are faced with a calamity of no measure. The morals of our society have diminished tremendously. Human rights are violated in broad day light living families gasping to gather oxygen to survive the killings of their beloved ones.

This must be stopped.! Mungiki members have the rights of human beings like any other person. If they have been involved in terror activities, the long hand of Kenya must put them to jail and administer legal punishment according to the laws of Kenya. We cannot go on killing our fellow country men as if we are barbaric shooting lovers who care less the value of human beings life.

The police involved in this shooting, despite the usual explanation of being under orders from “above” must really stop and think first before they trigger next time. Ask yourself why you must terminate another persons life without any reason. Even if you had all reason to kill some one, which in real sense NO one has apart from God, will you just do it they way you kill those who are perceived to be Mungiki members? If you think Mungiki members are primitive, think twice and look at your hand next time you pull that trigger!!



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