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Dick Praises Osewe

Secretary General CCM



Step up pressure for the liberation of the poor Wananchi.



Dear Kenyans, as you launch CCM Sweden Branch to day here in Bagarmossen Stockholm, I would like to remind you what you might have forgotten; that the downtrodden wananchi are going through a very difficult time back at home.


The Ordinary wananchi are going through a difficult time due to the cheap political game between Narc and the mainstream opposition parties. As a result the nation is becoming increasingly sick.


The Mwananchi, upset about what is happening, have become more politically withdrawn, as politicians dangerously gamble with their lives. Their withdrawal is evidenced by the low turnout during any by-election that have taken place as from 2004 up to now.


However, not all Kenyans are keeping silent as wananchi fundamental rights are threatened. There are a few brave Kenyans whose voices sound like whispers in the wilderness of Kenyan politics. They always protest against political oppression and violations of citizens’ rights by the government of president Kibaki. They rightly protest the ongoing tribalisation of Kenyan politics propagated by politicians in both opposition and government.


The reality is evident, just as the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga once said: ‘Not yet Uhuru’. I believe he meant the freedom the mwananchi was fighting for during the war of liberation was never realized for the poor but only for the Home guards some of whom are in Kibaki’s government harassing Wananchi.


The agenda of some aged politicians in government and some in opposition is to break the spirit of struggle so that the wananchi see things only through their lenses.


During the struggle for democracy or the second liberation some patriotic Kenyans had to struggle in courts of law for their freedom when they were hauled in on political charges. They were very familiar with the rough road of Kenya’s partial political justice.


Today, history is repeating itself and the Kenyan youth who feel let down by the old generation in power today are often harassed and mostly killed by the Kenyan ’sometimes’ lawless brutal policemen.


To the police if a youth has not committed a crime he clearly threatens to do so. Some in the police force have forgotten that they are servants of the people and instead have become executioners.


Some may say when we CCM accuse government security forces and politicians we are looking for trouble but we aren’t. We are not out to enrich ourselves as individuals either. If one wanted to become rich one would only establish relations with some people in government today or those from the Goldenberg era.


Freedom with its fruits of economic and political justice for the poor and downtrodden wananchi is what keeps CCM in place. We believe in what we do and have the courage to go an extra mile when need arise. We long for a free and democratic society and a nation whose economy will be in the hands of our own people.


It is for this reason that CCM opposes the formation of tribal alliances. It does not matter to us whether the alliances are based on the small or large ethnic groups.


It is a pity that instead of rallying behind Kenyans determined to change the society for the better, the wananchi get easily moved by false promises from leaders who bribe and later abandon them on achieving what they set out to do for themselves.


Kenya requires reasonable constitutional change to get out of a situation where the president wields too much powers at the expense of just and democratic governance. It is because of the immense powers of the president that it has not been possible to bring about any minimum reforms as demanded by the opposition to allow a balance in the political setup.


There is need to avert national suicide. If the leaders in government and those in the mainstream parties cannot see the signs that all is not well, they must be living on a far away planet.


It makes me sad to see the main opposition have run out of ideas and abandoned the struggle for justice for the poor at this critical hour. And on the other hand most of them if not all are pre-occupied with the sole ambition of running for the presidency come elections.


Some of them have always been part of the problem. Those who today associate with those who have been obstacles to democracy in Kenya in the past and now seem as if they never knew or have forgotten why the ordinary wananchi in 1991-92 went to the streets to demand changes. It was not about which tribe had how many votes or which group’s turn it was to be president. Whether large or small, all of Kenyans’ ethnic groups must have an equal chance.


Instead of tribalising the elections we should be talking about who can unite the whole nation for the twin common objective – justice and democracy.


It is very clear in my mind that these politicians vying for presidency would like to inherit the presidency with all its current powers. What they forget is that the incumbent will use the same powers to stop them in their tracks.


Instead of dreaming about going to state house they should be out there working for the good of the whole nation.


These opposition leaders, like the Kanu ones, have let down Kenyans who had expected them to bring about politics of liberation for the poor wananchi. They are increasingly becoming part of the problem and not part of the solution.


To save our nation from total collapse there is need for concerted efforts to ensure that the wananchi are not taken for another political ride that keeps them going around in political circles.


It is CCM’s opinion that unless the poor wananchi selflessly come out strongly in demanding the right to chart their future this nation will be doomed. The rest of the world’s poor is doing just that. They create their own parties as their own vehicles to justice and democracy. They are not afraid to take on the president or any other oppressors in the elite and rich mainstream opposition parties. They have realized there is power in unity of purpose.


This is why they come out in thousands to demonstrate in their rallies day in day out. The democratic world is watching these gallant poor peoples out for liberty and constitutional freedom.


I remember during our struggle for asylum here in Sweden, some of us who managed did so because they never gave up. At that time giving up was not an option. But still, there were Kenyans who despite themselves not having had asylum, did campaigns for others to get that right. When I look back, I see a person like Okoth Osewe, a good example of a selfless person who did everything to help Kenyans not only escape deportations but also get a chance to get to know more about socialist political ideology through discussions. We have a shortage of such active and selfless personalities in Kenya.


It is my hope that you in CCM will as well keep up your hopes high that one day, not long, we shall see the light of day, and the poor of our country will have reason to happily want to see the next day come.


By joining the socialist CCM one gets a chance to do something for the wellbeing of our betrayed nation. In CCM we are ALL ONE.


It is my hope that you remain united here and work for the wellbeing of fellow Kenyans back at home as well as of those living abroad.


And when time comes and you feel you are ready to join us in the main arena of politics, just pack your bags and come home. One thing you must be sure of is that when you arrive to join Kenyan politics, there will be no flowers or bands of music to welcome you. Be prepared that all you will be offered is opposition by not too friendly aged politicians.


You will have to fight your own battles yourself and be a hero to yourself. Your survival will be helped by remembering that its you who took the decision to pack your bags and join the uncertain Kenyan politics. Remembering why you returned there will be your only way through.  Just don’t give up.


In any case CCM, your party, shall be waiting and will take you seriously. You are welcome.


A note from CCM Secretary General.





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Secretary general of Chama Cha Mwananchi. This blog www.chamachamwananchi.wordpress.com, is based in Sweden.


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  1. we have to raise up like never before!!!

    Posted by Aggrey Rey | November 7, 2011, 6:42 pm

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