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Nothing costs more than a cheap politician!


Posted by maasaiwarrior on August 11th, 2007

Nothing costs more than a cheap politician!
The funny thing about political  jokes is that many a times they are elected once and again. In many cases, you would hear many Kenyans  commenting that they prefer the devil they know than the angel they haven’t met.
In many occasions, our traditions and culture dictates  us to vote for people from our own tribes and in some times, within our own clans.
”Our people”
Some politicians are elected just because they belong to a certain society and not because they had the qualities and qualifications required to bring any development in the society.
They own the title ”our leader” People get blinded by our own prejudice against others that we end up voting for our own death.

Who is ”our  people? And who is NOT?”
How is it possible for a group of people to continue voting for a passive lazy politician who never comes home with any fruits?
Who is ”our  people? And who is NOT?”  Kenyans are our people and always will be.
It would be worth if we re establish our identity as Kenya. Our identity is deep rooted in the background history of Kenya. Some pathetic tribal and sometimes clan boundaries are exploited by selfish politicians for their ill fated motives. This wolves are out to ruin our lives and the lives of our children and of the generation to come. We must all participate in stopping them.
Chap politicians are dangerous to our societies survival and for the environment at large.
The most nasty think about these “political JOKES is that they play their jokes with innocent citizens purporting to be agents of change. The intensify propositions for goof things  in better time to come. All this false promises leads to empty ends.
A few moths before election,, these  Political Jokes-we call them (PJs) discover that they need to connect to the society- the one who is normally referred to as the man in the street. Pjs cannot succeed without full support from the Man in the street. He is the one with the voting power and the Pjs are well aware of it.

Vote wise this time
Avoid to be intimidated by Pjs
Do not sell your voting card to Pjs
Do not accept campaign hand outs comprising of Miraa/khart, alcohol or any other cheap hand outs
Do not vote for the devil you know for the angel you don’t know might deliver you from hell
Avoid voting for people but good ideology/ good ideas that seem to favor common man. Good ideas shall always stay but unfortunately people don’t
Be careful when comparing tribes against another, identify Kenyans by regions.

Identify reasons why you must vote for a particular party or candidate
What ideology/ideas and political points does she or he has?
How will your life be affected by your vote?
Belief that your vote is worth everything and counts. Your voice can make a difference!
Be a responsible voter read well the information provided before you vote, take your time and ask yourself why you are voting.
The most paramount right you have as a voter is your voting right a
Remember gender sensitivity importance!

The new world
The new world has a lot to give. Much has been reaped from it that the nature is changing without direction. We must take control. This world is a loan to us to take care of it for our kids and generations to come and not for us to break it down,

Changing society
The knowledge of what happens when a society goes through transition period is very important for us to acquire. It is our obligation to invite change with all our openness and intelligence in order to gradually integrate with it.
With integrity, trust knowledge and well working government, Kenya can be turned back from what it was to be before all this chaos arose
By the Chairman CCM KS
Saidimu Ole Ngais



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