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Kenya can apply some functional welfare strategies

Will Kenya be able to apply some functional welfare strategies?
What is it that Africans got it all wrong?
Many political decisions are about social politics! It is simply saying people’s welfare security.

Economical growth makes reforms easier to manage but when almost ¾ of the population is poorly educated, then obviously one would expect things manifest themselves around the same patern of failures with no development but multitude of of corruption and other shameful deeds.

Less joblessness, better income and working tax facilities are among well functioning strategies a practical welfare system.
The system would be able to pay for itself and citizens get sick, then they will get compensation and other welfare insurance support from the state.

A welfare system resembles any other insurance where you pay in and when you get sick or jobless, you get compensation from the society in order for all citizens to live a decent basic living standard. NO one is allowed to starve! Is it so difficult for Kenya to even try this strategies or is it so far away a head of our time? CCM believes its time for changes for the better of mwananchi.
ByThe Chairman CCM  Sweden Branch
Saidimu Ole Ngais



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