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Pharaohs in ODMs and Narc-Kenya dream of power

MULUKA SAYS In the Standard today:

The pharaoh is always the pharaoh, while Joe the dreamer of dreams remains a faithful dreamer.Joe is the relative of a man called Musa and others called Joshua and Caleb.

I have read in the Christian book where it is written in Exodus 2 that this Musa man was told: “So now, go. I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people out of Egypt.”I know that the pharaoh also dreams, sometimes.

But he does not know the significance and magnitude of his dreams. He needs Joe to solve the riddles in his dreams. Mostly it is about the big House on the Hill, with all its splendour, glory and assorted hidden disasters.

But unlike the pharaoh, Joe dreams of the kind of things that a man called Musa heard when he saw a bush on a fire that could not burn the bush. For, I have seen where it is written: “I have indeed seen the misery of my people. I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers, and I’m concerned about their suffering.”Joe dreams of freedom for the suffering. Like another ancient dreamer called Isaiah was dreaming in a book of even name in Chapter 61, Joe would dream a dream that sought “to bind up the broken-hearted”.

He would dream to proclaim freedom to the captives (of ignorance, poverty, disease and ethnic hate); to bestow on the poor (taxpayers) a crown of beauty instead of ashes; the oil of gladness instead of mourning; and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair”.

But the pharaoh dreams of power and of crushing little flies that stand between him and power. Like the man called Musa, Joe dreams of the beautiful ones who will share out the benefits of Uhuru, for the enjoyment of all. But the pharaohs in ODM, ODM-Kenya and Narc-Kenya dream of power and control. Our dreams are worlds apart.

The pharaohs meet to talk about power sharing at our expense. They do not tell us what is in it for us. Yet we will still assemble in huge crowds to cheer them on.Many months ago, I Joe, the man of dreams, wondered aloud why some eight pharaohs thought they should hold a whole people hostage with their power- sharing dreams.

I said they would fall apart before they shared power. For they were dreaming of who among them was the best horse rider to the House on the Hill. Each one of them was saying, “It is me.” They were confessing their unity and saying how that unity would ensure that one of them romped home, to the big House on the Hill. But the dreamer of dreams was not impressed with their confessions and calls of unity.

The dreamer said, much to the chagrin of some doubting Thomases, that any unity that sought to achieve the narrow goals of a few selfish individuals could only be described as conspiracy. But what do you do when those conspired against cheer the conspirators on, provided the conspirators come from their village?

They say that the dreamer is an awful guy. He reminds them of uncomfortable history they do not want to hear about. He tells Kenyans about how people who have run down national institutions now call themselves reformists.

They have said to me: “You stupid dreamer, how do you imagine you will make it to the national house of shame otherwise known as the National Assembly, if you do not know how to pretend? How will you become a mheshimiwa if you cannot worship at the shrine of party owners and follow their Nyayos with humility? Can’t you see chama ambacho kimeshika moto (the hot potato political shopping basket) and sing songs of praise to the owners, instead of saying uncomfortable things?

For they know not that in the interest of the truth, Joseph would sooner brave Pharaoh’s cold dungeons than wallow in the comforts of the perfumed bed of Potiphar’s wife. As the reigning dreamer of dreams, I have often been puzzled at a people’s brevity of memory and the leaven of their hypocrisy. I have been shocked at their deliberate short sightedness.

Are they not familiar with the words of fellow dreamer who lived in the land of plenty, otherwise called the United States? The man was called Malcolm X. One day, this Mr Malcolm X, a very black man, said to his fellow black people, “Ye, know-hh there’s two types of niggers! There’s the nigger of the house; an there’s the nigger of the fields. When Master buys a nu-car, the nigger of the field says ‘our sweat’. Bur when the nigger of the house sees the nu-car, he says, ‘yeah, our car’.” I have been dreaming of the day the niggers of the house will see clearly, like the niggers of the field. Then they will hear the words that I have read in a place called Deuteronomy 2, about another relation of Joe the dreamer. The man called Joshua heard the holy one saying to his people: “You have stayed long enough on this mountain. Break camp and advance . . . Go in and take possession of the land that the Lord swore he would give to your fathers.”  

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