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Kibera Concentration Camp

Raila’s Kibera Is A Concentration Camp Of Poverty and Tyranny.

Writer is Hon. Koigi wa Wamwere MP & Minister of Information.

Raila fought for self-inclusion into the system not democracy or better life for all Kenyans.

The late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga taught me how to give credit where due. Visiting him once in his house in Kisumu,
I asked him why he hang Kenyatta?s picture on the wall when they were bitter political enemies. He told me
Kenyatta the freedom fighter that he hang on the wall was his hero, not so President Kenyatta whom he
didn’t hang on the wall.

Today I see Raila same way his father Odinga saw Kenyatta. As afighter against Kanu dictatorship, Raila is my hero.
But Raila the ODM-Kenya presidential aspirant and MP for Kibera is neither a democrat nor my hero.
The more I look at Raila?s style of governance, the more I am convinced he is an ethnic tyrant over his Luo people in
Kibera and Luo Nyanza, seeking to tyrannize the rest of Kenya.

Several reasons convince me Raila is an ethnic tyrant.

First, Raila seeks Luo and not Kenyan presidency. Second, he opposes whatever he doesn’t
like with violence even when force is unnecessary.

Months back Hon. Kilemi Mwiria and I were invited to Kisumu to flag off a walk to raise funds for a school of poor children.
We did not go because we were told Raila had not blessed the walk and if we went, the school would be razed to the ground.

Third, on the Saturday of the 26th May 2007, I had an experience extraordinaire at Kibera. It confirmed we were right
not to go to Kisumu and whatever Raila does not bless, must be opposed with violence.

CCM was invited to Kibera to express our solidarity with its poor residents and explain the policies of our party.
We believe they have a right to know.

But soon Raila?s ethnic tyranny reared its ugly head when our hosts, thoroughly intimidated began to waver.

But determinedly, we decided to have a tour of Kibera. Already Bhukungu grounds were a sea of sewage,
stinking and rotten trash and litter. We decided to go inside and see more. I have never seen worse poverty.
Houses were like nests of mud. Stinking sewage ran in front of them.
Littered human waste was evidence of flying toilets. Two private schools were tiny, of mud and without space at all.
There was no road network. It was a maze of narrow alleys between mud huts. The few toilets were collapsing.
We could see through one bathroom we came across.

We were told there was only one clinic specializing in abortion. As elsewhere most youth were unemployed.
I wondered what a quagmire this was in the rain. They said rain saved them by washing down the dirt. City Council services
were nowhere. It was a living hell but they said it was better than elsewhere in Kibera ? Siranga, Mashimoni,
Makini and Line Saba. Only Gatuikira was better.

As we walked, saw and talked, they told us of all their problems. Two declared one would be a parliamentary and another
civic candidate on a CCM ticket. While addressing their concerns, one fellow arrived shouting ODM-Kenya. He was drank.
I continued to talk and three more arrived. They wanted me to stop. This was Raila?s, ODM-Kenya exclusive territory!
Soon they were throwing stones.
We decided to walk to the DO?s office and finish what we were saying. We had heard most of their problems and tasted
their worst – ethnic tyranny.

At the DO?s office, one Mr. Kore who is the LDP chairman told us we should never have come to Kibera.
I needed Raila?s permission to visit. What for, I wondered. Did I need Raila’s face to walk around Kibera?
Even poverty was defended as a problem awaiting a slum upgrading project. Before then, it was neither to be seen nor
discussed by so-called outsiders. I asked Kore, if I needed Raila’s permission to visit Kibera, did he need permission
to visit the rest of Kenya? Others asked me why I visited only the Luhya part of Kibera.

But was Kibera not one and their problems the same? Kore warned. You will see what will happen to the
people who took you round today. It was not an idle threat.

That night, armed Luo youth descended upon the part of Kibera we visited ferreting out, beating and maiming those
who had listened to us. Councillor Opete Opete from another ward of Kibera led an army of goons in razing to the
ground a social office in the area.
Nine marked men went underground for fear of injury or elimination. Since Raila has not apologized to me or the other
victims of his supporters’ violence.

Did Raila know all these? Many said none of these would happen without his sanction. Ethnic tyranny was his
instrument of ruling Kibera. He unleashed it during the referendum and when it was feared Waruingewould visit Kibera.

I may not blame Raila for the poverty of Kibera. Just like the crushing poverty of Korogocho, Mathare and other slums,
we are all to blame for it. But Raila wants to own it to promote his ethnic godhood.

Maybe this is a taste of what Raila’s majimboist Kenya will look like when he is president.

Let me ask Raila, a few questions. Is ethnic tyranny the democracy we suffered so much for? If we promise Kenya democracy,
does not charity begin at home in our own constituencies? Why do you oppose our people?s right to listen to everybody?
Were you to become president, would you terrorize Kenya the way you terrorize Kibera and Luo Nyanza?
And to Kenyans I ask one question. Is Raila the president Kenya needs?

Unless Kenyans are suicidal, they must not elect Raila the next president of Kenya.

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Secretary general of Chama Cha Mwananchi. This blog www.chamachamwananchi.wordpress.com, is based in Sweden.


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