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13 parties in drive for Kibaki win

Story by NATION CorrespondentPublication Date: 9/6/2007  

Thirteen political parties have formed a partnership in Nakuru to drum up support for President Kibaki’s re-election. The parties, including Kanu, Narc-K, DP and Chama Cha Mwananchi, announced their officials for the drive.

Development recordThe officials maintained that the formation of the Kibaki Tena inter-political parties council yesterday was intended to win maximum votes for President Kibaki in the town and neighbouring districts. Mr Ngali Valai, who was elected chairman, said that the group would network with the Kibaki Tena election board secretariat.

The group argued that their mission would not be difficult since President Kibaki’s development record spoke for itself.Health sectorAlthough the group will campaign for President Kibaki, they said that they would field civic and parliamentary candidates separately during the General Election.

The group said that there had been tremendous improvement in the economy, education and the health sector, among others, thanks to the reforms initiated by the Government. 


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