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Woman in Moshi saga shot 8 times

By Ombati and Munene Kamau

One of the 14 Moshi victims was shot eight times at close range, a postmortem report says. The post-mortem examination on the body of Anne Kang’ara indicated that she was shot in the chest from the left side, and bullets exited from the right.

She also had a hole in the stomach and bruises on the hands and neck, indicating she was probably tortured before the shooting.

An official with the Oscar Foundation, Mr Kingara Kamau, who witnessed the exercise, told The Standard the post-mortem was done in the absence of some relatives.

Police denied the victim’s father entry into the operating room, allowing only her brother and Kamau. “They told me not to take notes lest I was prosecuted.

They have finished the exercise and we will release it officially on Sunday,” he said. The autopsy was conducted after days of hustling, pitting the family of the victims against the police.

Police in Moshi had said they would use a government pathologist, and denied the family a private one.

More relatives were allowed to travel to Moshi to collect the bodies. Meanwhile, the family of David Njuguna Mbugua, one of the 14 victims, cannot afford to transport his body back home. T

hey also do not wish to go to the neighbouring country for fear of arrest. On Wednesday, his family appealed to Tanzanian authorities to extend the 14-day deadline to collect the bodies, failure to which they would be buried in a mass grave.

Njuguna’s family said it was poor and could not afford to transport the body. But they expressed the wish to bury him at Karira village in Mwea.

“We are appealing to the Tanzanian authorities not to dispose of our brother’s body since we have not raised enough money to transport it back home,” said Mr James Mbugua, the deceased’s younger brother.

The family’s burial committee appealed for the Government’s help to transport the bodies of the 14 victims. “If they are transported to Nairobi, then we shall afford to take Njuguna’s body to Mwea,” Mbugua said.


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