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 By CCM Secretary General.


Due to ideological diferences in PNU/PANU which contradict CCM’s socialist ideology, CCM has opted out of the alliance and will not be part of any other groupings or coalitions.

CCM as a party cannot campaign for any other political party competing with it for political office. But members can support other candidates where CCM is not fielding a candidate of its own.

CCM’s position remains. We shall field our own parliamentary and civic candidates in most of the consitituencies in the country.

Its sad. As it has been in the past, the destiny of the poor majority WANANCHI has been hijacked again by politicians whose honesty records are questionable.

CCM insists that the Angloleasing, Goldenberg scandals and Ndugu land report  culprits cannot be left out forever without taking them to court.

Its a shame that even Mps in ODM and ODM-K alongside those of Nark-Kenya passed a motion to set looters out of the hook although Kibaki refused to sign it. This shows that the interest of those siding with Raila, Kibaki, Kalonzo is to gain political power to protect their loot. Kenya is sick.  

Its CCM’s stand that all present and past economic looters will at some stage face full force of the law. At some stage all past crimes such as the infamous landclashes culprits will face the law.

The ongoing killings of innocent Kikuyu youths, branded criminal suspects by the police, will at some stage be investigated and the culprits shall face full force of the law. Kibaki administration has turned Kenya into a brutal police state.  

CCM abhors the current executions of innocent young Kikuyu men by the Kibaki led regime. For this very reason Kibaki re election has become a thorn in the flesh of the Kikuyu youth. Hence the apathy in Kikuyuland.

Killing small time crime suspects and leaving looters of public coffers, land and property is the ultimate indication that the Kibaki led henchmen are not to be trusted in taking care of the country.

For Raila,  saying he will not take Moi or Kibaki to court has made Wananchi’s hope of justice ever being done in this country a distant tream.

CCM cannot join hands with looters be they in PNU, ODM, ODM-K and KANU. Any politician protecting looters betrays the Nation and is of no help to the looted and suffering majority be they in Nyanza or Central.

But all said and done, CCM’s position is that its members have the right to elect presidential candidates of their choice since we are not going to field a presidential candidate. Individual candidates nominated by CCM has the right to campaign for either Kibaki, Raila, Kalonzo or any other would be aspirant.



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