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4 killed in Molo new ethnic killings

Four more homes burnt down in Molo

Publication Date: 10/26/2007

Four more houses have been burnt down in the troubled Kuresoi area in Molo District.

These boys joined residents of Kamwaura Village in Kuresoi area for a peace meeting that was called after armed raiders killed two people and stole livestock and household goods. Photo/MARTIN TELEWA

This follows last week’s arson attack that left two people dead and several others injured.

Molo acting district commissioner Solomon Abwaku said no one was injured during the Wednesday night attack at Kariara Village in Kamwaura.

The houses, he said, were unoccupied, and police were investigating the matter. 

Last week, armed raiders attacked Kamwaura trading centre and torched 10 houses before fleeing with seven cattle and household goods.

The arsonists struck as local religious leaders pitched tent in the area to hold prayers and reconciliation meetings.

The area has witnessed ethnic violence in which 15 people have died since last year.

During the Wednesday interdenominational meeting, the police came under scathing attack for failing to arrest politicians fanning violence.

Some of the politicians seeking to contest the Kuresoi parliamentary and civic seats in the area were accused of inciting the youth to commit crimes, which had contributed to ethnic animosity.

Accusing finger

The leaders and local residents pointed an accusing finger at the police for their laxity in dealing with the perpetrators of violence, who were said to be known to area residents.

Kuresoi district officer Muthike Ndambuki and his chiefs were challenged to stand firm and implement the law impartially to ensure stability prevailed.

The religious leaders have been at the forefront of reconciliation effort in the area that has witnessed constant tribal conflicts suspected to be politically instigated.

They called on the Government to involve civil society in peace building efforts.

Led by the chairman of the Likia Peace and Beyond Conflict Resolution Council, Bishop Abraham Gitu, the 50 church leaders pleaded with local communities to coexist peacefully.

Maintain peace

‘‘The police will not maintain peace unless you commit yourselves to a working relationship and find a lasting solution to problems affecting you through dialogue,’’ the bishop said. 

Rift Valley PC Hassan Noor Hassan asked religious leaders to preach peace.


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