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Wambui’s 5 children, are they Kibaki’s?

the interview
Mary Wambui on marriage, Hillary Clinton and life

Published on October 25, 2007, 12:00 am

Othaya political activist Mary Wambui spoke to Election Platform writer Lucianne Limo about her passion for philanthropy and her marital status.

EP: Are you married?

MW: Yes! And please don’t ask me to whom. Just understand I am somebody’s wife.

EP: Are you married to President Mwai Kibaki?

MW: I am not saying anything. Those who know whether I am a wife [to the President] or not are my parents and the President’s parents. Unfortunately they are all dead. Let the people judge for themselves.

EP: Then what kind of relationship do you have with the President?

MW: I like him and he is my MP from Othaya, where I come from.

EP: You have been involved in charity work all over the country. Where do you get so much money?

MW: I am a farmer and I like to share the little I get from my farm. Sometimes I am lucky to get a few donations from other well-wishers.

EP: Tell us about your professional background?

MW: I am a teacher by profession. I taught at Mukima Primary School in Laikipia District and Cheetah Primary School in Timau in the early 1970s.

EP: What do you think of your daughter marrying one of the controversial Armenian brothers, Artur Margaryan? Is the marriage still on?

MW: As a parent and within the confines of my culture, am not supposed to poke my nose into the personal affairs of my children. If my child wants to get married, it is her prerogative to approach me and tell me that she is intending to get married and to who. I cannot be checking whom my daughter is dating. And she has never told me that she is getting married.

EP: Are you okay being referred to as “Othaya Narc activist”? Or is it now “PNU activist”? Why?

MW: I don’t know why am called whatever activist. I have never considered myself as one. After leaving the teaching profession I set camp at the Kanu office in Nyeri and that is how I started getting a few names. They started referring to me as Wambui wa Kanu.

EP: What drives you into such massive charity work?

MW: I just am a passionate philanthropist. Am happy sharing what I have with the poor in the society.

EP: Is it true you have political ambitions?

MW: I have never harboured any political ambition neither am I a politician nor plan to be one.

EP: Your public appearances have diminished in recent months. Why?

MW: I decided to take some rest for a few weeks to regain strength to campaign for the Government more vigorously.

EP: Have you contemplated President Kibaki losing in the coming polls?

MW: Never! He is not going to loose. I have faith and a lot of confidence that he will win the elections in a landslide majority because of his development record. He introduced CDF. No. Kenyans will definitely vote for Kibaki.

EP: Who are your role models?

MW: President Kibaki and Mrs Hillary Clinton.

The President, because he is a humble man and does not condone corruption. Hillary is a great woman because she forgave her husband even when he was culpable for unfaithfulness.

EP: What are your happiest moments?

MW: When I read the Bible or when am alone with God in prayer.

EP: What of your saddest moment?

MW: When I see people suffer for whatever reason.

EP: What is your favourite food and drink?

MW: I love traditional foods like mukimo and tea.

EP: How do you unwind after a hard day’s work?

MW:I swim in my pool at home.

EP: Where do you live?

MW: Lavington Green Estate in Nairobi.

EP: What is you typical day like?

MW: I wake up early and exercise until 9 O’clock, take my breakfast then off to the office in Lavington Shopping Centre to attend to people. Other times I go to my farm in–.

EP: How many children and grandchildren do you have?

MW: I have five children whose names am not willing to share with you — and six grandchildren.

EP: Do you have a motto?

MW: In order to live a good and fulfilling life, do not be jealous or proud.


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5 thoughts on “Wambui’s 5 children, are they Kibaki’s?

  1. Why did p’ple make a deal out of Mwai’s polygamyness? How about the many Luo boys who have the many mistresses/wives/girlfriends/wives-to-be, no body says/said nothing about it; “WHY!!!!!!!!!!…..”

    Wambui Mbugua-Oyatta.

    Posted by Wambui | March 6, 2008, 5:41 pm
  2. Its this kind of stereotyping that led Kenya into turmoil. Why mention luos? Polygamy, (by the way there is no word like “polygamyness”) is practiced by muslims all over the word, mormons in the US, the Jews, actually the Jews even marry there brothers widowed wifes (read deutronomy 25:5- 10 which states that man is required to marry and support his deceased brother widow. Its stupid people like u who are miusing the internet to spread hatred. Why can’t we positive in our opinion especillay at this trying times in Kenya. Am a kikuyu and I know over 100 kikuyu’s in my community who have more that one wifes and by the way nobody is making a deal, I beleive u meant a big deal out of Kibaki’s practising polygamy, the deal is that he did not own to it. Ur head need to be chopped off to save future generations to stop hatred and learn to live together as a people not as a luo, a kikuyu, a kalenjin, meru, maragoli as so on. Shame on you for misusing the freedom of the internet.

    Posted by samwel | March 9, 2008, 12:30 am
  3. Samwel,

    You as is anyone else have their own views on many things and traditions. As Kenyans, we are entitled to our views but our views should reflect other peoples rights to say whatever they need to say without being seen as if they have committed a sin to express themselves. Wambui just wondered and she has that right to wonder as to why is Kibaki seen as having committed a sin? Wambui’s view does not warrant her head being chopped off neither should you be accussed of tribalism.

    The swahili have a saying – NYANI HAONI KUNDULE. As you condemn Wambui just look at your own tribal backyard then you can, if clean, throw the first stone accusing Wambui of tribalism. I will not either say you are a tribalist, what you seem to have is bitterness emanating from the past mayhem that saw Kenyans kill their spouses just because they happenend to have been from a different community. There can be no healing if the causes are not addressed. The causes were not tribalism but unfair distribution of land and other resources. Just join the rest of us trying to bring justice to all Kenyans. Live and let live. Dont call for headchopping.

    Posted by SG | March 9, 2008, 2:35 pm
  4. I hate to admit it, but SG is right. Kenyans went through trying times, and us as a people we need to embrace ourselves. The turmoil,saw some of my friends killed because of their tribe and a hate to see people stereotyping other tribes, especially at this times when we are in the healing process. My point is that why can’t wambui see the whole picture and realize that polygamy is not only practised by luos. As I mentioned earlier polygamy is pratcised world wide, just google the word and you will see no mention of a luo. The issue here is why Kibaki is not owning to the truth and admitting that he has a second wife. Nobody is questioning why he has a second wife bas a kikuyu, kikuyus do have more than one wifes. What people are questioning is why he does not recognize her as his wife. End of story, and no need bring other tribes into the mix. I call back the head chopping stuff, that was not cool. Peace and love u all as kenyans.

    Posted by samwel | March 10, 2008, 1:14 am


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