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Fellow Kenyans;

Time has come to go back and redraw our political future forwards or backwards. The direction we shall take, as much as we like or dislike, the outcome will depend on how we cast our votes come december 27th 2007. We in CCM are taking part in the coming elections by fielding Parliamentary and Civic cadidates. We shall field as many caditates as we can.

 As a newly registered party we had no time to prepare and field a presidential candidate but we have left it open for our members to vote for any of the aspiring candidates of their individual choice.  As a party, ideologically, we do not relate to any of the aspiring cadidates since they are not social democrats.   The electoral field is unfair to CCM since we lack financial strength. But as a party that stands for the rights of the common wananchi we do not welcome the corrupt in our party just because they have money. Our nomination fees are the lowest. For civic aspirants its ksh 2,000 and for parliamentary aspirants its sh. 10,000. Women aspirants are given a special consideration if they come from the maginalised areas and cannot aford the nomination fee.

Kenyans living abroad and willing to participate in the nomination can do that on line through our email address but be in the country before 13th November 2007 to take part in the nomination exercise. If one has a fellow CCM member willing to vie for the same sit in same ward or constituency there shall be voting by members to determine the winner to be nominated by the party. For more information one can reach the secretary General on tel +254 727 20 95 97.  

 Or write an email. chamachamwananchiccm@gmail.com. To understand what our party stands for you can read our manifesto and constitution in this blog. You can also send us emails and opinions. You can also apply for membership online and get your membership also online.

Let us join hands and create a strong ideological party. A party that has a vision for the betterment of the lives of the majority poor Kenyans. Together, we can make Kenya a better country for all of us. We can build a new Kenya led by new patritotic citizens.  CCM is not just a party for “elections” but for a brighter future. See you there creating history.

CCM Secretary General


About SG

Secretary general of Chama Cha Mwananchi. This blog www.chamachamwananchi.wordpress.com, is based in Sweden.


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