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List of Candidates sent to UK for Printing

Kenya: Electoral Commission Sends List of Candidates to UK for Printing

The Monitor (Kampala)

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The Electoral Commission of Kenya yesterday dispatched the full list of civic and parliamentary candidates to the printers in the United Kingdom.

The bulky documents were sent by DHL, an international courier service firm, to the London-based printers, who were given two weeks by the ECK chairman, Mr Samuel Kivuitu, to print all the ballot papers and post them back to Kenya in readiness for the December 27, General Election.


The list will be made public by ECK on Friday after it is published in the Kenya Gazette. A team of ECK officials, supported by their colleagues from the Kenya National Assembly, spent the whole of Sunday scrutinising and compiling the final list from their base at Kenyatta International Conference Centre.

By noon yesterday, the Nation team found a handful of staffers winding up their paper work, while others had called it a day.

An advanced team of Commissioners, who included Mr Jack Tumwa and secretary Mr J.H. Tsola, flew to the UK over the weekend, soon after the deadline for the presentation of nomination papers by parliamentary aspirants.

Mr Tumwa and his team will be supervising the printing of the 42.9 million ballot papers, broken down as follows – 14.3 million ballot papers for civic, 14.3 million for parliamentary and 14.3 million for presidential candidates.

Some 980 parliamentary candidates and over 10,000 civic candidates were cleared by ECK during the four-days exercise across the country, last week.

The cleared candidates from the 140-plus registered parties will now face each during the campaign period for the vacant 210 parliamentary and over 2,000 civic seats.

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The list of all the nine presidential candidates were dispatched last week to the same London-based printer, with full details of their names, their party of choice and symbols.

The front runners are President Kibaki on a PNU ticket, Mr Raila Odinga on ODM and Mr Kalonzo Musyoka on an ODM-K ticket. Others are Pastor Pius Muiru of KPP, former Cabinet minister, Mr Kenneth Matiba of Saba Saba Asili, Ms Nazlin Umar of Workers Congress Party, Mr David Waweru Ngethe (CCU), Mr Nixon Kukumbo (RPK) and Mr Joseph Karani (KPTP).

A similar list of the nine presidential candidates, 980 parliamentary and over 12,000 civic candidates was also sent to the Government Printers to publish in the Kenya Gazette. By the close of voter registration exercise mid this year, 14.2 million voters had been registered.


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