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I won’t step down for Kibaki, says Kalonzo

Published on December 12, 2007, 12:00 am

By Mutinda Mwanzia and Paul Mutua

ODM-Kenya presidential candidate, Mr Kalonzo Musyoka, addresses a campaign rally in Machakos, on Tuesday.

The ODM-Kenya presidential candidate has dismissed reports that he has struck a deal with PNU to quit the race in favour of President Kibaki.

Mr Kalonzo Musyoka described the reports as “rubbish and cheap” propaganda from his ODM rivals aimed at discrediting him.

He urged his supporters to ignore the rumours, adding that he would not let them down.

Speaking at various rallies when he campaigned for ODM-Kenya candidates in Ukambani on Tuesday, Kalonzo said ODM was behind the circulation of mobile phone messages that he had been bought with Sh10 billion to abandon the presidential race on December 27.

The SMS, which The Standard had access to, said: “Tension was high in ODM-Kenya as Kalonzo Musyoka had agreed to cross to PNU five days to the voting day in return for appointment as President Kibaki’s Vice-President.”

But Kalonzo told a rally at the Kitui Municipal Stadium: “Please ignore the SMSes. They are aimed at causing confusion and portraying me as lacking in commitment. I’m firmly in the race. My journey to State House is anointed.”

He said his conscience was clear and added that Kenyans would determine his bid for the top seat on the election day.

Kalonzo criticised Kibaki for snubbing a presidential debate that was to be hosted by KTN and BBC.

“Kenyans have missed a wonderful opportunity to scrutinise their leaders,” said Kalonzo.

He said he was ready for the live presidential debate to sell his policies and those of his party.

“The live presidential debate enables the electorate, who are our bosses, to put us on our toes by challenging leaders to explain what they have to offer,” he said.

Kalonzo concluded his four-day campaign tour of the region by appealing to voters to give him troops by electing candidates nominated by ODM-Kenya.

Commenting on the now controversial ‘three-piece’ voting pattern, Kalonzo said: “To be a strong general, I need enough MPs to push through government motions and Bills in Parliament.”

He also promised that if he won the election, his government would formulate a comprehensive special needs education policy to cater for neglected children with disabilities under the free education programme.

This would enable them to access basic education and vocational training, he said.

The ODM-Kenya candidate also pledged to revitalise agriculture if elected.

He reiterated that his government would introduce a 24-hour working economy to create more jobs for the youth and implement free education from nursery to the secondary school level.

Kalonzo accused the Government of taking the Kamba for a ride by reneging on a pledge to tarmac the Kitui-Mutomo-Kibwezi road in 2002.

“If elected, my Government will tarmac this road within two years to link up the port of Mombasa and neighbouring Ethiopia,” he said.

He said President Kibaki had failed to give the construction of the 200-km road priority and claimed that many feeder roads in Central Province had been repaired. Kalonzo said successive governments had marginalised the Kamba people.

“The late Paul Ngei and Mrs Charity Ngilu began the journey for the community to take a stand on the top seat. Now it is my turn,” said Kalonzo, who used a helicopter to crisscross the constituencies.

Kalonzo said the killings in Kuresoi and Mt Elgon were testimony that the Government had failed to guarantee Kenyans security, adding that it was immoral for PNU operatives to use State resources to campaign for Kibaki, who, he said, had polarised Kenyans along tribal lines.

“Kenyans should not trust Kibaki with another term. He should start packing his bags at State House,” said Kalonzo.

He said he was the most trusted presidential candida


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