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Training Day 27 Dec 2007. OUR COMMON DESTINY


During this time of celebrating independence day which happens to be general election time you shall hear many niceties from all

types of candidates.

But what we need to remember is that our tribe is the tribe of the impoverished wananchi. The impoverished majority!

It is clear that we are the backbone of the development in this country.

We are the ones who do all the donkey work in coffee farms, tea, sisal, sugarcane and flower farms among others. We sell the products they import from China and Japan to a few of ourselves and the most costly they import for to themselves. We consume and rarely export finished products since we are just a market for the rest of the conspiring world huge economies. Well, our leaders enjoy imported goods and feel proud about that. How else do you tell they have made it in life without such symbols of prestige?

We take care of the richman’s cattle, goats, chicken and other animals. We carry building blocks, sand and timber in their constructions of sky high buildings. We build the infamous Nyayo house, prisons, Statehouse, police stations. We planted forests they dump the bodies off our slain youth.  We construct the roads where the shiny Prados race at speeds of light.

We of course enjoy being their drivers, often never leaving the vehicles until cocks crow. How we manage to drive to our destinations with hunger and sleep can be only be possible through the mercy of the gods. As we drive they sit snoring in the back seats often wondering why it has taken so long to get there? There by questioning our driving abilities. This earns us the Pumbavu ridicule.  In any case we get there mostly without getting involved in  fatal accidents.

We often drive their cars with empty stomachs since we are always on standby as they enjoy their meals in big hotels and golf clubs. Where they socialise is difficult to find a kiosk to buy oneself a soda and a mandazi the only junk we can afford to keep our blood flowing until we get back to our sharks to either change cloths or just have a quick nap.

In their homes we take care of their aggressive children who cant speak their parents mother languages but English. We wake up early and sleep late night as we make sure they are happy with our less appreciated house work. Maids often cry alone wondering where the ladies of the house got the idea they were not women enough to get themselves men who can provide as they. Often it  gets hard for the maids as the husbands’ eyes start seeing them as replacements since the maids take care of these rich men in the house in everything minus one without questions. The maids eat their cold meals in kitchens and alone since they are not supposed to share a dining table with the family although the family enjoys food prepared by the maid. Strange things happen in these homes.

We guard their their mansions and homes surrounded by  sky high high  walls. Mbwa kali is our only partner at night.  We often sleep  hungry  but  the  dongs  get  their  daily  meals  and  a  pat  on  their  backs.

Our children get jobs that their children refuse to do such as police work.  We are the real tax payers who make sure that the rich stay reach and their white color boys and girls in the civil service high class job group earn a nice pay in order to keep the rest of us under constant silence. Our sweat pays the president, Ministers, MPs and the army sitting in barracks ready to put their tanks and Fighter jets in use to protect us from ourselves. Yet  independence we have never had a naughty neighbor throwing bombs to us.

The sitting army buys food and other nicities at very low prices since they are the men and women to please at any cost to keep them silent. We make sure no one touches them or questions the activities going on inside those barracks. We are told not to question them since that would mean breaking security of the nation. Well, the jobless army of the unemployed youth  does not  worry  the power barons in  this country since they are helpless, hungry but angry they are.

In fact leaders such as presidents need not worry even after one falls from power since we the wananchi are breaking our backs daily to make sure they will get a huge amount of pension once out of power. We cant even get near them because our tax money will get them ten bodyguards to guard them from us.  This is a way to guarantee that their children will continue to enjoy money the leaders got through looting state coffers while serving us. We even are ready to allow their children to replace their dads as presidents and MPs. We allow them to colonize our constituencies for decades.

No matter what we the wananchi do to remain good boys and girls- in fact also old guys and ladies too- all we hear from those haves is that we are poor because we are either lazy or choosy  when it comes to finding work.

What makes us strange beings is the fact that come elections we talk,  fight and even kill ourselves to make sure our own devils continue bedeviling us again. Then wonder of wonders sit back and accuse the devils for being devils. How comes that they are so few and we are so many but seem very helpless?

45 years after independence and there we are still unable to direct our own destiny and struggle for our own wellbeing. We fight the rich class wars for them as they sit in Muthaiga, Karen and elsewhere no go zone for the havenots. To make it easier for us to see how powerless we are we are not less than 33 million poor families. The rest are less than a million their hand boys  included.

Well, this time it looks we are even ready to say our last prayers as we are being asked to say in other words. We are being told that Moi, Mudavadi, Ruto and a colony of other corrupt fellows have seen the light and heard a still voice asking them to come and rescue the poor.

It amazes me when I see a game of death. How can a lamb trust a lion to be its protector? How can this be? Can the wananchi reading this mail please tell some of us how safe we are with the current politicians from both ODMs and PNU?

This game has gone on too long and its time we the wananchi tell ourselves the truth. The truth that even after electing our man to state house we shall remain pawns in some peoples’ political games. Are we ready to handle the truth? The truth that we have lied to ourselves and have been lied to for too long that all is ok or it will be fine to allow our destiny lie in the hands of political lions and hyena.

I hear a confession here and there. I hear vows that  we  shall stand up and elect those who care about our fate no matter what tribe they belong to or location they come from. Yes I hear you asking where to run to. You are welcome to join CCM and use it as a vehicle for true wananchi liberation. That is why we formed CCM. For you and us. Let this year 2007 December 27 election day be the day of training how to reject  bad leadership.

By Dick Kamau

CCM Secretary General


About SG

Secretary general of Chama Cha Mwananchi. This blog www.chamachamwananchi.wordpress.com, is based in Sweden.


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