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These are sad times for Kenya. Kenya is sick. Sick with political tribe hatred fuelled by by heartless politicians whose conscience died long ago. Politicians out to grab power by any means legal or illegal. Politicians ready to wipe out a certain community|ies if that is the means to state house.

These Politicians have proved ready to ground the economy of the country as long as their fat bank accounts stashed with looted moneis of Goldenberg and Angloleasing scandals are safe abroad. Politicians named as guilty by Ndungu land report joined the mayhem. They are the politicians whose families are guarranteed police and military protection as defenceless and misled wananchi mercilessly butcher each other in the names of their tribal kings.

They are the politicians in whose constituencies burning bodies of perceived enemy tribe does not move them to tears. Madness everywhere is evident.  

As if these acts of genocide are not enough the other side of the disputed winner behaves helpless hopping that these deaths of the innocent Kikuyus would later be used to demonise the losers in a flowed election. An election which both sides rigged.

Talk of conspiracy. Where were all the members of the army? Where were all the tanks and helicopters, Mig Jets and all kinds of military arssenals capable of restraining a military attack from any corner of our borders? Do we have a military sitting in Barracks as mercinaries just because their mandate is only to engage a foreign intervention threatenning to kill Kenyans? A military not able to protect innocent wananchi while at their homes and can only evacute them from unknown attackers? While this was happening where was the famed Intelligence service said to be one of the best in Africa? Or was there a conspiracy of sorts among these security organs? One wonders whats happening here.

Looking at Kenyan politicians one would wonder who among them will call for sanity in this country. All you hear is “you lost but proclaimed yourself a winner and we shall not accept or you lost and you must respect the constitution and go to court”.  The next thing you see are torched houses and burt bodies. You see riot police hauling teargas cannisters and shooting to kill poor demostrators. Guns are never fired against the tribal chiefs.

What makes things worse and helpless is seeing the looting spree mobs of wananchi going on rampage with some help from policemen in some areas of the country. It is sickening to hear of accounts given by rape victims all over the country. What about internally displaced persons? What about the hundreds of the innocent Kikuyus who today have become refugees in Uganda? What are our politicians up to?

It is worse to read and hear government coverup statements of the numbers of those poor wananchi killed while the numbers tripple the official ones. For government reading correct figures would prove failure to give protection. By not reading the correct figures numbers will not become less on the ground. Not even places of worship have been spared and instead these places have become death traps. This makes one wonder when sanity left town.

Well, sanity has gone mad and only hopelessness is seen and heard. A few voices of reason are heard from local religious leaders whose hands are as dirty as those of politicians from their tribes. Among them neither can throw the first stone. It is clear to observant eyes that everything we as a nation worked for is going to smoke. Our innocent murdered, children, if they could speak, would only be asking us WHY, WHY.

Whatever is said or done at this time grim pictures and sickenning smell of burning human flesh will never be wipped out of the memories of our children and surviving victims.

These acts of genocide will never be healed by politicians talking to each other on ways to share political power. This country needs a truth and reconciliation commission in place today not later. If this is not done soon, there will be no Kenya as we knew it before 2007 dec 27.

Tribes uniting to cause genocide is sick and inhuman. Failing to protect the innocents is betrayal. Arrogance from both the losers and so-called winners is not going to bring about law and order in this country. Election rigging will never be right, and can, as is today, be used as a reason to kill and maim the unthinking wananchi.

Due to the manner the elections were carried out by ECK, CCM is calling for a fresh general election to take place in 3 months time.

Meanwhile, we join hands with those calling for the formation of a Transitional government to oversee the preparations of the repeat of the elections from civic, parliamentary and presidential. Rigging was done in all areas. PNU claimed ODM rigged and ODM claimed PNU rigged. In fact small parties were rigged out by both parties.  This is our position and it remains the truth. Nothing will change the truth that there was massive rigging by major parties and that warrants a redoing of the whole exercise urgently.

By Dick Kamau,

CCM Secretary General. 


About SG

Secretary general of Chama Cha Mwananchi. This blog www.chamachamwananchi.wordpress.com, is based in Sweden.


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