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On behalf of fellow CCM members, I would like to first send condolences to the families of the election violence related deaths experienced soon after the announcement of the disputed presidential results. It is sad that this happened as our politicians claimed victory in the just ended polls, while others felt angered by the blatant rigging from both sides.

Here we are, in a situation, we in Kenya thought it could only happen to our close and distant neighbors in Africa less civilized than we are. Now, we are in the same boat with civilizations that foolishly chose to die away like wild animals. But still we can quickly find a lasting solution like those others who found ways to get back to political sanity and escaped total recall to hell.


We in CCM wish to thank the Kenyan Media for its tireless appeals for calm and dialogue between the warring communities as well as among the contending parties, ODM  and PNU. We hope the two, for the first time in the history of Kenyan warlord-like politicians , they will listen to the voices of the powerless and betrayed Wananchi.

I hope too that the politically sick wananchi will listen to the helpless voices of their innocent children and stop killing them. How worthless life can be in Kenya is no secret, if wananchi continue with tribal hatred generated by wanton politicians in their midst.


It is a matter of urgency that a lasting political solution to the dispute of who won the presidential elections be found and affected. Delayng tactics by government does not change the reality and facts on the ground. The president can create any ministerial post in consultation with parliament any time and this includes the PM seat.


Everything has been said about this need and political leaders in this country need to heed the call for justice to be done and be seen being done. Any other political games and tricks will not last long enough to keep our country in one piece but in crazy tiny tribal pieces ruled by tribal warlords. Fellow wananchi, there is a way to end the current tyranny. Lets stop Kenyan warlords before they cruelly end our already miserable lives.


I find it hard to accept that even after admission than rigging was affected by both contending parties not a single solution has been found and no sign that something constructive is being done to escape total collapse of our nation and whatever else we stand for. What has been happening indicates that we had no vision as a nation and had nothing we cherished all along.

The love for country and neighbor was all Bullshit. Otherwise, how do we explain the killings, looting, rapping of our dear neighbors whom we have lived and shared beds with for many years on end? Just because they exercised their rights to vote for a candidate we didn’t like? Another bullshit. The reasons are deeper than that and that is why we need a truth and justice commission in this country to find out why and where we left town.


To us in CCM we believe power sharing is the best option. We are convinced that as long as state power is concentrated in the hands of one person in the name of the president, and the tribes or tribe that he manages to convince, or buy to vote for him, peace shall remain a distant dream for the rest of our days on earth.


For the above reasons, and to end politically instigated violence and murders, the post of an executive prime minister should be urgently legalized and instituted without delay. This will help in removing state power from one hard that now holds the entire nation at ransom. Claims of having won in a disputed elections and tribal appeals to protect the seat from being taken away from the one sworn in will only and quickly drive this crying country into political oblivion. Thinking that those who see themselves robbed their seat will run out of steam is a delusion of the lowest thinking and mind blindness to the unfolding and scaring realities. In fact, come a re run, PNU would just become history.

Pretending that all is soon getting better is madness and only politicians living in another planet or in a fools’ paradise can even start imagining so. Its time such people stopped singing stupid political lullabies to themselves and their masters. We are all losers in the game of death. Those countries that went down the political drain in Africa did similar things we have already done and continue doing despite warnings from the rest of mankind. Talk of power madness.


CCM is well aware that some people in power today, although in power through a highly rigged election, do not want to listen to anyone suggesting power sharing with ODM. We are aware that any Kikuyu saying that elections were rigged is an endangered species as long as one is residing among the Kikuyus. To this people, elections are over and Kibaki is in power. Their man. Here is a disaster in the making.


Our party is currently in contact with other parties that took part in the just ended general elections to chart ways to force the creation of this post. To us there is no point repeating same mistake by removing one person from power only to have another holding same powerful political cards.

As a nation in dilemma, we need to be sure that,” when tomorrow comes” we shall be alive and not living in fear of each other, just because one of our own takes us hostage of his personal political ambitions.


Its our hope that the political madness being experienced today in Kenya will come to a negotiated solution and not by force of arms from those saying they were robbed their seat or by the one accused of stealing the seat. 


Let us all come together as voters and refuse to be used like pawns in some politicians’ power games. We deserve better treatment from our self appointed politicians and their henchmen.


We have suffered much this time and this should be an eye opener for the dying wananchi whose future is highly predictable now – death. If ever we are to demonstrate, let us have our agenda of peace at heart and our national destiny as our guide. The wananchi should henceforth think hard and see that community wars usually just kills them and their children while their man and his family are happy somewhere waiting for you to fight their wars for their own good. Families of the contending politicians will be standing long after you and your families extinguish each other.


Do not allow this happen to you. You have the right to life and a better life as much as they do. Its time the international community stood firm and make sure the unfolding genocide is stopped. Otherwise, Kenya is headed in the ranks of Rwanda of 1994. The rest of the world behaved good boys and just watched from a safe distant as Rwandese butchered each other.







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  1. My thoughts are with you….

    Posted by Juan Moment | January 19, 2008, 7:00 am

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