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Dear fellow Kenyans.

We in Kenya do appreciate your concerns on matters of security and justice to Kenyans. I just want to share with you some insights.

We are supposed to be a united people. This is what should be happening but unfortunately it is no so at the moment. Some of you were in Kenya during the flawed elections that have unwisely been used to cause untold suffering to the already impoverished citizens.

Unfortunately the same poor wananchi are the same people cutting their fellow poor citizens’ throats and burning fellow wananchi inside a church in Eldoret accusing them of having voted for Kibaki whom they claim rigged elections to win the presidency.

My worry is that elections are supposed to be secret, and no one exactly knows, who voted for who, unless the complainants had a direct witness on which individual voter voted for who. Killing someone just because one exercised ones right to vote for a candidate other than yours is criminal and insane.

The fact remains that the deaths visited on Kikuyus in Rift Valley are purely pre-meditated deaths to affect a hidden agenda of tribal hate. To me these deaths are not part of ODM agenda to kill anyone just because of an assumption that one did not vote for ODM candidate.

To me the killings were not part of Raila agenda since in 1990’s about 5,000 persons were killed in Rift Valley and Coast provinces the majority being the Kikuyus and Luos. So, saying that Raila caused these mayhem could be very wrong. Someone planned it long ago and just waited for the right moment and a trigger reason to affect it. Many accuse Ruto and his tribesmen led by MPs turned warlords

But, the fact that elections were flowed in favor of Kibaki does not warrant the killings of his tribesmen. They never caused the rigging. The rigging should be blamed on the officially assigned ECK officials starting with KIVUITU. The currently displaced persons who joins those who had been displaced by Moi regime are innocent. In fact how could babies rig elections and they didnt vote?

It is CCM’s position that there is something bigger than what is told in the open. It is all about affecting a long time plan to evict Kikuyus from Rift Valley and Coast lands. Unlike the well organized killings  in Rift Valley, the killings in other parts in Western and Nyanza, those killed were killed by very unorganized mobs, whose interest it appears, was mostly looting shops , house goods, rapping women and boys.

Some people have come to conclude, rightly or wrongly, that these killings are part of majimbo plans and if that is true, then we have lost sanity.

The killings in Nairobi are a reflection of what is happening upcountry and in coast. Those politicians who longed to divide Kenya into tribal states have almost won. There is no worse betrayal to Kenya’s stability and unity than that. Let us face it. Kenya will never be the same again, for generations to come, if we allow ourselves to be divided along ethnic lines by the emerging Kenyan “Warlords” within all tribes.

I have heard with my own ears fellow Kikuyu men saying its time to revenge against the deaths of fellow Kikuyus killed by Luos, Kalenjins and Luyyas. For this reason, many machetes have been bought in Nairobi and killings may have started or are bound to happen anytime.

For those safely abroad in USA and other European cities, let us not hide behind the fact that we are far away from Kenya, and avoid the presumption that the ordinary Kenyans living in fear of death inside Kenya wont see us behaving the way we do.

It is now clear that Kenyans abroad are divided on same ethnic lines as is in Kenya. They fight in bars and have stopped attending usual pubs together as usual. Even some don’t want to go for prayers in same churches abroad. Funds are being raised to help fellow tribesmen caught in the mayhem selectively. Groups are formed ethnically too to claim victory for either Kibaki or Raila. In their comfort abroad they call the press or write in blogs to lay blames on this or that tribes politicians back home. Some send hate sms to their kinsmen trying to incite them against the rest perceived enemies to their throne.

Kenyans abroad  have taken sides and have become part of the problem. To them the truth is becoming more alien and scaring to tell. Apart from a few whose political ideology is still active in their minds, the rest have become just as the rest back home.

This is serious and should not be allowed to take root. In fact Kenyans back home can be forgiven for thinking that those Kenyans abroad, apart from financially supporting their relatives and friends back home, they could be relied on to provide credible and clean leadership. To see the wider picture one need not look far, just have an eye at the looks on their faces whenever they encounter one of themselves from a different tribe.

Where does our brothers and sisters and our relatives abroad stand at the moment?  I hope they will not import the mayhem going on in Kenya abroad. Its time to stand and be counted with peacemakers.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands at the moment of comfort but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy” said someone.

Instead of thinking murder, Kenyans abroad should be thinking how to improve our peoples living standards to reduce the sickening poverty experienced by 99 percent of our fellow citizens in Kenya.

We should be thinking on how to save our youths from possible incitements by scheming politicians currently inciting them to their senseless and unfortunate deaths. Our politicians have proved short of wisdom and humility to a point that they can turn the entire nation into a hell on earth just because they want to be called his excellency and honorables. To them and their children death is too far and protection always at hand.

The politicians ordering the assailants to kill, or the police killings in Kenya are not poor. They, their children and their loved ones don’t live in the areas where death is always present. Their children don’t go in same schools with those killed. They never get killed or become homeless. When teargassed, they run away with their huge cars into 5 star hotels and leave their followers battling with the ruthless police. Of course, the one in power sends the police to shot to kill and to beat the rest and never go with them on the streets.

The politicians have money in banks abroad and never fail to take their 4 meals a day. As the displaced wananchi in refugee camps go hungry and cold. What these politicians want to have or to keep is state power at any cost.

But as the nation cry for sanity to return to our country Kenya, let us remember the advice: “The test of progress of a nation is not whether (we) add more to the abundance of those who have much, it is whether (we) provide enough for those who have too little” Franklin D.

Whatever we do abroad, let us not allow ourselves to be driven by our political ambitions and greed. Let us not support the politicians back home in order for them to reward us when they get that high political office paid for by the innocent blood of fellow wananchi. Tell yourselves and the world the truth and the truth only! Kenya is dying, killed by greed and hate. Kenyans abroad, get back to the drawing boards, retrace your steps and instead of forming more tribal groupings abroad, provide wise and lasting political, none tribal, solutions to the current deadly political situation in Kenya.

By Dick Kamau

Nairobi, Kenya.


About SG

Secretary general of Chama Cha Mwananchi. This blog www.chamachamwananchi.wordpress.com, is based in Sweden.


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