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  Tough times never last but patriots do. What are you? Judging from where you stand now when it comes to patriotism?

It is a harsh moment for many. It is as if the clocks have rolled back to the dark times when human life was not valued by those who lorded on them. Everywhere in the country, company upon company are declearing layoffs and clossing down. Unemplyoment has soared from 70% to almost 90%. The severe and nonestop anarchy in the country has sent ripples of depression and hatred across Kenya.

Unpatriotic Politicians are using the insecurity state of the country to their advantage. The hate in the country has provided politicians and their followers an opportunity to highlight the failures, shotcomings and faults of the opposite political party and their tribes. PNU is blaming ODM for the terror and destruction in the country. ODM in turn blames Kikuyus, confusing the entire tribe to have been members of Kibaki administration for creating the problem by stealing votes. Hence their killings in many parts of the country. But how true is it that they in unison rigged elections?

Everybody is fixing the blame – no one is fixing the problem. The problems persist and they will grow into a political moster. Across the country, sanity is out through the window, and in its place, well entrenched is unbelievable rampant animosity. Everyone Kenyan inside or outside the country has taken sides, willing or unwillingly. The cost of living continues to increase dramatically. In Kenya,  no one is immune to this madness, despite the unconvincing fixed smiles by the main political culprits infront of cameras.

These games of smiles are even more sickening than the gloomy faces seen in fleeing and now homeless poor kenyan refugees  living in refugee camps in their own so called free nation. Living daily in fear and running away from the sick actions of their fellow poor manipulated and physcologically elslaved wananchi armed to the teeth with stollen guns and other crude weapons, ready to take another life. Kenya is very sick. Talk about the quickest way to hell and soon you find a huge billboard recomending Kenya as the most convinient gateway to hell.

Today, no one can deny that the country is in deep trouble. The biggest problem we have in Kenya is our attitude toward the election results, and the resulting insecurity. Negative thinking in this country spreads like a plague through all levels of the society. As a Kenyan in Kenya today, it is not easy to protect oneself from the infection of negative thinking and reasoning. Here negativity spreads by word of mouth, by conversations with the few friends that one has still alive as well as strangers in our midst, by television screens and by radio news reports, not to forget sms.

Trouble spreads quickly here because, in these troubled times, our tendancy has been to react negatively. Once a life, a business or our country was infected with negative thinking, the infection attacked our thinking, our human hearts and our souls like termites that secretly gnaw away our emotional support system.

Wherever you go, in a prayer place or social place, you hear negative comments and words that remind you of the number of times you have arrived at some scene of tragedy. In hospitals, mortuaries, courtrooms, and cemeteries is where one usualy hears those words and comments. But now you get same feelings while in your streets and your social places that are nolonger safe.

It want take you a moment before you realise that you are in the wrong company that does not want to hear your funny stories. Kenyans don’t want to see you grinning from ear to ear like you do in a wedding. They don’t want a pat on the back with a promise that everything is going to be alright again. These people are losing their jobs, farms and business not to mention their loved ones.

Kenyans need help and more than anything else they need hope. Kenyans must take this chance offered by friendly nations to help them in coming back to reality that they have gone as low as any human being can go and remain standing. Someone said that “When you have exhausted all posibilities, remember this: you haven’t”.

Lets face it, if peace will ever return to Kenya it must be we to open the doors we have closed and bolted for it to enter, first in our heads and hearts and then in everything we do. We must begin somewhere and that somewhere is us as individuals and that will translate into a nation of peace. We might not know how to do it but its better to do something than nothing good towards peace. It is better to do something imperfectly than do nothing flawlessly and not allow our problems become an excuse for dying away.

And for our leaders, they should not reject the posibility of a peace deal just because they do not get the credit for it or positions of power and they should not reject an idea just because its not their idea of peace. We know their minds are already made up of what they want happen for themselves – power in their bloody hands.

They are rejecting peace ideas saying the proposals are not constitutional or that their right to power was stollen by the other and that its both illegal. They should always remember its not always about them its always about the nation.

They reject ideas saying they do not have enough money, trusted ECK officials or time to do the needful or that it is not their work it is the work of the courts to decide on the conflict through a petition.

Its not about the courts, it is about the dying Kenyans and the collapsing economy that they should have in mind as they do everything wrong to keep or get to state house.   

And for us ordinary folks it is time we woke up from our crazy imaginations that we can leave in the same country the way we are now. Assuming we had a creator who made it possible for us to be in this planet, its madness to kill a fellow Kenyan just because they speak a different dialeect than the one you speak.

I haven’t yet come across a human being still alive who had a chance to chose ones parents, tribe, continent or race. If you the reader of this note,  had that rare opportunity to ask the creator what you wanted to be born as,  email me and someone will be informed so that you enter yourself into a rare Guiness book record.

Its madness to murder someone just because one is assumed to have voted for so and so. We shall, unless we kill ourselves away, find ourselves mingling together with or without any one’s permission to be Kenyans. These silly killings have to stop somehow peacifuly or forcifuly.

And if the politicians and their blood thursty militians don’t hear our loud cries they might as well be living in another  plannet. Well, if they would come clean and tell us thye had all along been  living in another plannet, within our own, we would then send them matching orders to swiftly leave us alone to run our nation in humane ways, as does other nations who once travelled same way we today are, but who saw the sense in being humans rather than continue behaving like carnivals in Masai Mara where the jungle law is evident.

When judgement day comes, when sanity will return to the minds of wananchi, these politicians will find it very hard to escape the unrevocable and final verdict in the court of ordinary wananchi. That is when the true colors of liberty will be shown to them by this nation’s real partiots, the wananchi, whose unity will be brought about by having known that at times like this, they are all alone in death fields and in open and unhealthy refugee camps. That is when these leaders will hear the loud voices of wananchi saying in unison Never Again. Have a nice day-evening. 

By Dick Kamau

CCM Secretary General


About SG

Secretary general of Chama Cha Mwananchi. This blog www.chamachamwananchi.wordpress.com, is based in Sweden.


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