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It is very wrong and even stupid to wage any type of war against the most important persons when it comes to understanding where we stand as a nation.

I had a rude shock sometime last week outside the Nairobi High Court where some 20 displaced persons from Burnt Forestand Kuresoi had come to meet with their lawyer Mr. Kibe Mungai to file an injuction to stop the ongoing mediation talks until their resetlement was implemented. Well, they had the right to remain silent or say whatever it is they needed to say.  

The members of the press were taking photos and videos of the victims’ injuries to strengthen the victims’ claim that they were hurt in the clashes.  One very gentle lady from KTN wanted to have a one to one interview with the pastor of the church in which over 35 persons were burnt to death by Kalenjin attackers.

To my surprise, three victims  among the rest who stood near the pastor wanted to know from which media group the quiet lady was representing. The lady told them that she was from KTN. Imediately the victims changed their facial looks and told the lady that they can not talk with her since KTN was a Raila mouth piece and that KTN was out to bringdown Kibaki government of which they supported. They accused KTN of even inciting their attackers which I doubt.

The pastor, even refused to give her his mobil number and instead walked away from her.

I had same fate with the pastor whom I had given my business card in good understanding that all I wanted to do was to establish communication with the pastor in case we as a party had some help we would like to donate.  

He refused to give me his number since I was in same party with Koigi wa Wamwere – CCM whom they consider as opposed to Kibaki since CCM was not in alliance with PNU during the elections and instead opted to stay independent of any affiliations just for the sake of elections. I informed the pastor that CCM is not a Kikuyu party and that we have members across the country some who represent us in local government as councilors.

I went ahead and informed the pastor and his team outside the court that I was not invited by Kibe to discuss about elections and affiliations but to see what CCM could donate to the fire victims especially children

Still they din’t even want to listen and walked away from me accusing me of belonging to the side of their enemy. It was later as we were about to leave the court yard that the same lady asked Kibe Mungai to ask his clients to agree on one to one interview. Three women who carried their badly burnt children agreed to talk to the lady.

At the time of departure the group wanted Kibe to buy them lunch even after he took their case without advance payments. Kibe who is a member of CCM too asked me to stand on his behalf and I gave the lunch money to the pastor who this time did not say no to my money. And since another politician had fixed a meeting for them with Martha Karua to present their grivances, I knew they would be smilling to her anticipating some large amount of money to console them. I felt sad knowing that they too were using their injuries as a kind of sympathy trigger. It was hot and the poor children were feeling pain due to the burns.

It is not that am accusing all the violence victims for seeking sympathy the wrong way. Even tribal chiefs are using insecurity to hive blames against each other. These tribal chiefs can even kill those of lesser political value among themselves in order to lay blames to each other of advancing insecurity. At present no one can be said to be safe while on Kenyan soil. 

Before the court drama, since the group could not have fitted in Kibe’s office, near his office is a small restaurant called Tanager, where he had adviced them to sit, wait and have a cup of tea and some snacks as he went about their case paper work. I had to pay that bill too. I then give the mothers of the burnt children some money before leaving the group.  

Today in Kenya, it does not matter what you try to tell to the warring tribes. They only listen to their leaders and never use their ears to hear the truth and never use their eyes to see through the lies of their tribal chiefs. Their tribal chiefs tell them even which radio station to listen to and which TV to watch. When one of their tribal chiefs tells them to hate KTN and not to read the Standard they do so without even thinking. 

I wonder if some of the victims have money to even buy a newspaper leave alone owning a TV. They were talking about their fate as displaced persons.

But they have stopped thinking of what went wrong that they are nolonger living in their own homes and instead they believe that the power they are dying for belongs to them. What a sick thinking. They have never had any powers anyway and thinking of dying for their tribal chiefs to keep or get power is the most stupid thing they do.

They die but their tribal chiefs remain to rule and further enslave those lucky enough to have survived the killing orgy running rampant in the country.

My worry is that sometimes one finds it hard to live among a people who cannot know who their real enemies are but instead listen to the real culprits telling them whom to hate and take as an enemy.

But, in the end these displaced persons still went back to Kirathimo Village in Limuru where they were camping. There they will remain, until their tribal chiefs felt like taking mediation efforts siriously.

I had a chance to again witness how low the wananchi themselves had sunk into selected hatred not only to other tribes but also to those of their tribes that are seen as not following the footsteps of their tribal chiefs. I wornder if Kenyan tribalists know what a boomerang is. It comes back to hit the person who threw it up.

Let live journalism and you have what it takes to let you know what is there to know.  

Dick Kamau

Secretary General CCM


About SG

Secretary general of Chama Cha Mwananchi. This blog www.chamachamwananchi.wordpress.com, is based in Sweden.


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