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Kenya, Don’t rush into power sharing, Kalonzo warns

Don’t rush into power sharing, Kalonzo warns

Publication Date: 2/10/2008

Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka has said the government was commitment to the ongoing dialogue, but warned against rushing into a power-sharing agreement. 

Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka addresses the press outside Safari Park Hotel. Mr Musyoka cautioned the public not to rush into speculation over the outcome of the Kofi Annan-led mediation. To the left is Mwingi South MP, Mr David Musila. Photo/PAUL WAWERU

Mr Musyoka, who was speaking in Nairobi after arriving from a four-day visit to the US and Britaib, said that a power-sharing agreement may not necessarily deal with the causes of the current crisis.

The VP asserted that the government is negotiating in good faith, but added that the political solution being sought must address issues such as who really won the election, and may also need to provide a legal solution. 

According to Mr Musyoka, the solution must also address the underlying causes of the violence that rocked the country and the hatred that has divided the Kenyan people. 

Plight of refugees

“We must also address the plight of the over 300,000 Kenyans who have been turned into refugees in their own country,” he said, adding that justice must also be done to make sure that those who killed others or destroyed property pay for their actions.

The VP, who was a presidential candidate in the December 27 General Election, spoke on the issue a day after the government and ODM teams in the ongoing mediation agreed to drop their hard-line stances and work on a power-sharing political solution to the current crisis. 

The National Dialogue and Reconciliation Committee agreed that the presidential votes would neither be tallied again nor recounted, while the proposal of holding fresh elections within six months was also edged out. ODM will also no longer insist on President Kibaki’s resignation.

Mr Musyoka asked Kenyans, and especially the media, to stop speculating on the possible outcome of the ongoing mediated talks being chaired by former UN secretary-general, Kofi Annan. 

There has been speculation that the ongoing talks will resolve to institute an interim government on a power-sharing basis between  ODM and PNU.

Current crisis

Mr Musyoka said that the form that such an agreement will take, and its possible impact on the current crisis, will have to be reviewed before a settlement  is reached. 

He added that Kenyans must remember that constitutionally, Kenya is a multiparty democracy, but added that everything can be discussed, and this must be done in good faith.

The VP said that he was happy that ODM’s Raila Odinga had agreed to drop the conditions that he had placed on the negotiating table, saying that this meant the opposition had recognised that Kenya actually has a president.

Mr Musyoka also indicated that after his trip, the international community now had the right understanding of the Kenyan situation, saying that they now know that “President Kibaki was properly sworn in”.

“The perception that had been created, especially by the media, was that President Kibaki actually stole last year’s election,” the VP said.

Rebuilding country

Mr Musyoka said that Kenya had a bottom line task of rebuilding the country in order to regain the confidence of investors and the international community. 

He added that justice must also prevail in the ongoing dialogue, and that Kenyans must be able to talk freely over what has transpired through a truth and reconciliation commission.

Mr Musyoka told Kenyans not to think that he is not a part of what is happening in the mediation, saying that he was the leader of the government’s team involved in the talks.


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  1. I think kalonzo is right

    Posted by kenyan | February 9, 2008, 10:41 pm

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