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Kenya, arrest these terrorists.


Wait for a minute, did I hear you say that the Kenyan mass tribal killings is a ‘Kenyan internal affair¨? To me as is to many aggrieved Kenyans, the killings have been carried out by internal terrorists ready to stop at nothing until their power and wealth machinations are forced on the terrorized citizens.
Well, let us then start from there. I personally believe in the independence of Nations but that is a long as those nations respect the right to life of its citizens and all other nationals within the borders. Had I been a president within the region, I would respect the integrity of the neighboring country as long as the authorities are doing their work to protect and respect the right to life of everyone within its territory.

Provided I have the necessary manpower and logistics I would look for all possible solutions to stop killings instigated by terroristic politicians in that country. Many innocent lives have been destroyed, lost and terrorized by bands of killer militias sponsored by tribal chiefs in Rift Valley, Nyanza, Western and now Central and Nairobi revenge attacks.

As the killings happened, some of the regional leaders looked on, and those who said something did nothing positive to force the attackers stop the genocide. Maybe the killings were not matching those of Rwanda Genocide to warrant action by neighbors. As is with Kenya, I remember the world looked on and did nothing but evacuate its citizens. But Uganda went there indirectly and stopped the long time planned genocide. In Kenya it is an ongoing genocide no matter what those feeling guilty of involvement or inaction call the massacres. The regional leaders could tell that the Kenyan Government had failed to give security to the targeted 2 tribes, the Kikuyus and Kisii.

Their Embassies in Nairobi knew and saw what was coming before it did. What can be said is that the regional leaders thought about borders and not lives in danger. An indication that they had no will or resolve to enter Kenya and assist the government to offer security to all whose fate was at stake. That could not be called an invasion but a rescue mission. Whoever would be opposed to such move could as well have been part of the problem.

We in Kenya wondered why our neighbors could not send their armies in Kenya and force the return of law and order. Its common that the opposition in neighboring countries would have shouted themselves dry if such action was taken by the president. But, although no effective action was taken by either Uganda or Tanzania not to mention Rwanda and Burundi, the insensitive opposition in those countries sided with the culprits in their war song that elections were rigged in Kenya. Shamelessly, some opposition figures in the region and their tribal chiefs went further to draw parallels about land and property owned by Kikuyus.

But instead of raising funds for the displaced in Kenya, the opposition in especially Uganda lied several times that Uganda president had sent forces inside Kenya. I wish he had done so because the killings were taking place just across the border and death of so many innocent people would have been stopped.

It is unforgettable that the opportunistic opposition in neighboring countries made fools of themselves by blaming Kibaki for the mess. A mess they knew nothing about or didn’t care to investigate and find out that the mayhem wasn’t triggered by a rigged election result, but was a plot planned long time back. The rigging claim was just an excuse to trigger the massacres of Kikuyus and in a lesser degree the Kisii in Rift Valley. Same killings took place in 1992 and 1997 while Moi was president.

A senseless campaign by the Baganda about land ownership can if it goes unchecked trigger killings in that country in near future.

Gideon Moi said recently; the initiators of the killings in Kenya are known and they should be arrested. As Moi’s son, he knows what he is talking about. Those inciting tribal talk in Uganda are known and the earlier the tribal talk is made to stop and the tribal land demand is rejected the better for this region.

In Kenya, although there are land owners owning huge tracks of land, none has been killed by the tribal killing machines. Their properties were not burnt or destroyed by the marauding militias, since the politicians, were giving orders to the killers and paying them for doing so. The hate goes further than land. Kikuyus are being blamed for having taken all the wealth for themselves. This is a silly claim since not all Kikuyus are rich or well to do. The majority of them, 99%, just like the rest of the citizens, are poor living in very poor conditions, in same slums, same small and unproductive land and jobless. As is for the rest of the Kenyan communities only one percent can be said to have good life.

The claim that the Kikuyus have taken all good jobs in the country for so long is an open lie since the Kikuyus are outnumbered by the rest especially the Kalenjins in the security organs such as the army, GSU, police and the intelligence not to mention the Kikuyus had been out of state house since 1978 until 2003. The claim that they have overstayed in power for long is such an open lie. The story is the other way round since Moi had made sure no Kikuyus progressed with his assistance since 1982. All that can be said is that things went wrong and exploded this year.

Meanwhile, let the leaders of this region come to the rescue of Kenya. Majority of Kenyans are in fear of their future and its time to assure them that they have caring neighbors out there who can stand for them and assure them of security when need arise. Kenyans want to feel that they have friendly leaders out there ready to come in between them and avert the disaster in the making. Terrorized Kenyans want to feel secured by the regional leadership when their government and politicians fails to offer protection to life or are overcome by internal terrorists.

What does it benefit neighbors if they allow us to destroy ourselves? The leadership in this region will be measured by the position they take when their neighbors are killing themselves away repeatedly but not by how far away they stand from offering effective solutions which sometimes would mean sending in troops to save lives.

Death doesn’t know internal affairs. No mass deaths are an internal affair to any Nation. There are no borders when the authorities expected to safeguard lives fail or are overcome by insurgents. The regional leadership should stand up for its terrorized regional citizens for the good of the region and its inhabitants.

Just as much efforts are employed to avoid an attack by external terrorists, to protect lives, the internal regional terrorists terrorizing regional citizens by inciting tribal wars should face effective measures by the entire regional leadership led by the region boss, H.E General Yoweri Museveni to end terror, killings and destruction of property and infrastructure. Kenyans are calling, hear their cry.


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