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Kenya, kabado, amazed at USA ambassador’s letter

MP faults US envoy’s demand

Published on February 13, 2008, 12:00 am

By Patrick Wachira

Mukurweini MP, Mr Kabando wa Kabando, reacted sharply to a demand letter by US Ambassador, Mr Michael Ranneberger, that he writes an essay detailing his efforts and achievements in promoting peace.

The MP accused the envoy of advocating what he termed as “ethnic profiling” by choosing to victimise him on the grounds that he assisted victims of violence in his constituency.

Terming the letter “scandalous and obnoxious”, the MP described it as shocking and uncalled for. “In case it has escaped your notice, I have not applied for a US visa,” he said.

Kabando told a news conference he convened at Parliament Buildings that as a Kenyan citizen, he was not subject to the envoy’s jurisdiction or that of the US.

He said the ambassador’s letter was dated February 4.

Said Kabando: “I am amazed that as a diplomat of a country that prides itself as promoting democratic ideals, you, without colour of right, have chosen to publish libellous and defamatory matter without any effort to ascertain the truth. I reserve my right to take legal action against you.”

An angry Kabando posed: “You expect the people of Mukurweini, who elected me, to see me sitting down in a classroom to write an essay on my efforts and achievements in promoting peace?”

The letter, which was unreferenced, claims the MP may have been involved in activities that undermined peace.



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One thought on “Kenya, kabado, amazed at USA ambassador’s letter

  1. a clear opinion on a real african politician who knows how to champion African rights.If all Kenyan politicians were like Hon.Kabando Kenya would not be suffering from Western imperialism.Credit goes to Mukurweini people for realising this.
    It is the same bazungu’s who created this situation some decades ago,now another chance is here for them to prove they are holier than we.when i watch over middle East am left puzzled.To them pain is sympathy and the analysis is always pain to us.US and Britain are one and the same thing,they live to be blamed.A white man democracy is a world demise and a festive for the whites.

    Posted by geraldos | February 22, 2008, 6:32 pm

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