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Kenya needs more than first aid fixes that would, eventually, not cure their basic disease,


Kenya needs more than first aid

Publication Date: 2/14/2008

POLITICIANS SABOTAGED LAW reforms because they wanted to maintain the status quo. They all  wanted elections that would give them powers and immunity in order to keep their ill-gotten wealth.

The pre-election euphoria and post-election violence created the anarchy, disillusionment and disorientation that made Kenyans vulnerable to any quick- fixes that would, eventually, not cure their basic disease, which is the need for constitutional reforms.

The Kenya situation resembles “The Shock Doctrine” described by Naomi Klein, which she defines as “using the public’s disorientation following massive collective shocks… to achieve control.”

First there was President John Kufuor of  Ghana, then chairman of the African Union. His bandage did not work because Kenya’s wound proved to be too deep and continued to bleed profusely.

Then the retired African presidents Kenneth Kaunda, Benjamin Mkapa, Joaquim Chissano and Ketumile Masire came and prescribed pain-killers, but these were too mild to stop Kenya’s pain. All these international leaders treated the symptoms but not the disease.

Then came former UN chief Kofi Annan who correctly diagnosed the disease as the need for reforms, and a lack of mechanisms to address impunity.

However, Dr Annan came to Kenya with a dosage of mediation treatment for Kenya’s outpatients.

He has no time for hospitalising Kenya to take the full course of treatment that includes constitutional reforms, land reforms, and a truth  and reconciliation commission.

He still prescribes pain-killers and bandages instead of administering anti-biotics to cure Kenya, and vaccines to immunise her children from contracting the same disease.

The power-sharing deal between the interested parties is a pain-killer which the political classes are sure Kenyans will accept because they  are still in shock due to the killings, displacement, and rampant insecurity.

WHAT ANNAN IS DOING IS SIMPLY TO  administer shock therapy or first aid to a nation that needs immediate relief from severe distress caused by post-election political conflagration.

People thus shocked by the violence that has engulfed Kenya are definitely driven by desperation to put survival before ideology and democratic clichés, in order to restore peace.

I have really prayed for our politicians to embrace Annan’s initiative in order to give us some breathing space to reconstitute Kenya in a manner that will make it fire-resistant.

In the book of Daniel, chapter 3, when King Nebuchadnezzar ordered that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego be thrown into the fire for refusing to worship his golden statue, it was the Word of God that made them fire-resistant.

Our Constitution has made citizens ignitable. It works like a match which, if struck against jobless, landless and hopeless masses, ignites them and the fire spreads  to the whole of Kenya.

For Kenya to become fire-resistant, the Word of God will give them the political will to replace the current Constitution with a non-combustible one.

The truth is, this Word of God is not to be found in either Annan or in the polarised groups, but somewhere else.

The worst part about Kenya’s Babylonian constitution is that it gives authority and seal to the emperor to throw the whole country into the furnace.

The best solution to this disease is to remove imperial powers from the presidency and put in place of such unchecked powers, power with accountability.

The method to achieve this goal may not be mass action, for we have seen how this can get out of hand and end up burning the whole nation.

It is an abuse of God-given minds for human beings to burn their own house just because a rat that ate their potatoes is hiding somewhere in the same house.
The Rev Dr Njoya is the PCEA minister at Kinoo Parish, Kiambu District.

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