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Gumo warns PNU, you are on “borrowed power”.


MPs caution Karua over derailing of peace talks

Story by NATION Reporter
Publication Date: 2/15/2008

The Orange Democratic Movement has reacted angrily to PNU’s protest that the chair of the mediation team, Mr Kofi Annan’s briefing to MPs was inaccurate.

Party treasurer Omingo Magara said ODM was committed to peace, adding that grand-standing and chest-thumping would not solve the crisis.

“We cannot afford to derail the process even for a minute. Kenyans want peace and, as a party, we are committed to ensuring that peace prevails in the country,” said the South Mugirango MP.

His Westlands counterpart, Mr Fred Gumo, said the  PNU’s remarks were in bad faith.

“We are not happy with remarks from PNU. It is an attempt to derail the process. Let PNU know that we are at the negotiating table not because we are interested in joining government but because of the safety of all Kenyans,” Mr Gumo said.

The MPs were speaking at the Holy Family Basilica during the requiem Mass of Embakasi MP Melitus Mugabe Were, who was gunned down on January 29.

Reacting to letter

The Embakasi MP was shot dead outside his Woodley home shortly after midnight.

Speaking at the same function, House Speaker Kenneth Marende reiterated Parliament’s commitment to the Kofi Annan-led peace talks.

The ODM members were reacting to a letter written by the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Ms Martha Karua to Mr Annan accusing him of inaccurately briefing the informal parliament session (Kamukunji).

Mr Annan had hinted at the formation of a grand coalition government.

In her letter, Ms Karua, who is leading the PNU negotiation team, said: “My team is alarmed at some serious inaccurate statements made by your excellency at the briefing of parliamentarians today. Namely, you stated that ‘the dialogue team had agreed to have a transitional government for two years after which we shall hold presidential elections’ which position has not been discussed or agreed upon.”

But Mr Annan, in his response, informed PNU that the formation of a grand coalition government was only his own perspective of the way forward, adding that it was subject to discussion.

But ODM MPs said that the letter was in bad taste.

“PNU should not speak in a threatening manner. We need peace and security for Kenyans,” said Mr Gumo.

Gumo warned that those talking tough were doing so on “borrowed power”.


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