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Mboya’s widow speaks of killing, why now since 1969? Opening old wounds?


Mboya’s widow speaks of killing

Publication Date: 2/15/2008

The widow of former Economic Planning and Development minister, Tom Mboya, Thursday broke her silence about  his assassination 39 years ago.

Mrs Pamela Mboya wrote to the Kofi Annan mediation team and offered to shed more light to the unresolved case. She said she was willing to meet the former United Nations secretary general in private on the issue.

At the same time, Mrs Mboya supported  proposals to have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission formed to address the numerous historical political-social and economic injustices that have bedevilled the country since independence.

Big man

The late Mboya was gunned down in broad daylight on July 5, 1969 as he left a pharmacy to his car along Nairobi’s Moi Avenue.

Mr Nahashon Njenga who was later arrested and charged with the murder in mitigation asked: “Why have you not looked for the big man?”

Other unresolved political assassinations since then include former Nyandarua North MP, Mr J.M. Kariuki, in 1975, the late Foreign Affairs minister, Dr Robert Ouko, in 1990, and the two ODM MPs gunned down last month, Mr Melitus Mugabe Were (Embakasi) in Nairobi, and Mr David Kimutai Too (Ainamoi), in Eldoret.

Coincidentally, the man who was in charge of the intelligence arm of the Government for 27 years until 2002, when Mboya, Kariuki and Ouko were murdered, Mr James Kanyotu, died on Wednesday at a Nairobi hospital, with all the secrets.

Mrs Mboya’s one-page letter to the Annan team breaks the silence on the sensitive topic which had been taboo under the Kenyatta and Moi regimes.

Mystery and speculation

Said the widow: “The assassination of my husband on July 5, 1969, at the prime age of 39 years, like others after him, is a matter that has remained shrouded in mystery and speculation, and which has been avoided by successive regimes in this country. I am prepared to appear before your panel in person or thorough my advocate to expound on my aforesaid plea,” Mrs Mboya, who later served as head of the UN Habitat, added.


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