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Kenya, Foreign powers will not dictate to the Government, warns Government

Government accuses the West of meddling

Published on February 18, 2008, 12:00 am

By Caroline Mango and Ayub Savula

Foreign powers will not dictate to the Government.

Mr Moses Wetangula, the Foreign Affairs minister, said: “We will not be led, guided or given conditions by foreign States on how to reach a solution to solve the political impasse in Kenya.”

The minister said the Government would not tolerate threats or intimidation from foreign nations on the way Kenya should take.

Wetangula’s remarks appeared to be the Government position on remarks by US President, George Bush, that a power sharing agreement was the only way out of the political crisis.

“They will not tell us to do this or that. Holding a gun to our heads is something we will not take,” Wetangula, who was addressing a press conference in his office, said.

“Kenya will not take the road of agreements through hurried processes influenced by foreign states. We want a fully thought out process because this is a Kenyan problem,” he added.

He added: “We will not reach a solution because of the US government. We are looking forward to a workable and viable solution.”

The minister told the US that, while the Government welcomed opinions, proposals, views and suggestions, only Kenyans could solve the problem.

Said he: “Whatever happens, the solution must be Kenyan. We have many men and women who can rise to the occasion. We do not need judgmental language from outsiders.”

Meanwhile, ODM has asked PNU not to put roadblocks to a power sharing agreement as suggested by Bush to end civil strife.

ODM Secretary-General, Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o, said Wetangula’s remarks over the US intervention indicated PNU’s lack of commitment on the way forward for a political settlement.

“Anyone who is standing in the way of a political settlement will be swept away by the political history of this country,” added Nyong’o.

Nyong’o was reacting to Wetangula’s remarks that some political settlements through international mediation had failed in other countries, describing them as unfortunate.

Addressing a press conference earlier, Wetangula remarked: “Some of the agreements have failed even before the ink of the pen dries on paper.”

Nyong’o said the PNU team should handle mediation with a lot of care because it was a sensitive matter.

He said the disputed presidential results, in which Kibaki was declared the winner, was the cause of the problems and alleged that this was clear to the international community.

The ODM secretary-general said the constitutional review had been a thorny issue since 1992.

“We have been fighting for a new constitution since 1992 and nobody can say that the clamour started yesterday,” he noted.

Nyong’o’ said a political solution would fix Kenyan’s problems once and for all.


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