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Where is the First Lady Lucy Kibaki? Ida Raila asks

Where is the First Lady? Ida asks

Published on February 18, 2008, 12:00 am

By Peter Atsiaya

First Lady Lucy Kibaki has been challenged to break her silence and help restore peace.

Mrs Ida Odinga, the wife of ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga, wondered why the First Lady had not visited displaced people and address their plight.

She questioned why Lucy remained silent and holed up at State House as innocent Kenyans suffered.

She added: “Lucy should come out of State House and join hands with other leaders in finding a solution to the political crisis.”

Ida noted that Lucy was very active in President Kibaki’s re-election and should help Kenyans who were suffering.

She asked the First Lady to visit displaced people in camps and experience the untold suffering they undergo.

Ida noted that Kenyans would not relent in their fight for justice and change of leadership in the country.

She acknowledged the confidence many Kenyans had in Raila and assured them that he would not betray them.

Ida also asked Lucy to prevail upon Kibaki to own up that his re-election was flawed and thus surrender power to her husband, Raila.

She said: “She has been accused of misleading President Kibaki. Let her come out and clear her name.”

Ida alleged that Lucy had a lot of influence over the President and told her to advise him to listen to the voice of the people.

“Kenyans cannot exonerate Lucy from blame over Kibaki’s decision to ignore their will. She has a role to play and should advise him correctly,” she added.

Ida pointed out that she advised her husband on issues concerning the country.

“I am happy that he listens to me and when he takes over as president, I will not misadvise him,” she added.

Ida was speaking during the burial of Embakasi MP, Mugabe Were, at his rural home in Budalang’i on Saturday.



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