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Kenya MPs prioritise their concerns ahead of those of wananchi

MP: Priority should be given to resettling the displaced

Published on March 3, 2008, 12:00 am

By Moses Njagi

Kieni MP, Mr Nemesyus Warugongo, says legislators should now focus on the resettlement of displaced people.

Warugongo said the first priority should be on the resettlement of Kenyans who are living in camps or putting up with friends.

The MP said whereas he welcomed the political deal between President Kibaki and Mr Raila Odinga, the creation of the Prime Minister’s position should not occupy the MPs’ minds to the extent that they forgot about the displaced.

“We should not forget that some people are still living in camps and require our intervention to enable them return to their land,” he said.

The MP said while legislators in the Tenth Parliament had a duty to create the PM’s position, it did not require as much urgency as re-settling the displaced.

“It is my view that we should first, as legislators, seek ways of ensuring that displaced people are resettled before we can even start thinking about the creation of the PM’s position,” he added.

The MP was speaking during the burial of Esther Wanyua Mureithi, mother to Ol-Kalou MP, Mr Erastus Mureithi, at Nairutia village in Nyeri.

He said the only way the Tenth Parliament could avoid the wrath and condemnation that was directed towards the Ninth Parliament was by being sensitive to the public’s demands.

“The Ninth Parliament came under condemnation from the public because it was perceived to have been too selfish. They prioritised their concerns ahead of those of wananchi and this is something this Parliament must avoid,” he said.


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