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Back from the dead?


Back from the dead?

Publication Date: 3/7/2008

Late last year, Kenyans were assured that the proscribed Mungiki organisation had been contained — nay, annihilated. And indeed, it is some time since the macabre activities of this group have been highlighted in the press.

As a result, Kenyans were taken by surprise on Wednesday to see a horde of people claiming to be Mungiki members demonstrating on the streets of Nairobi, demanding the release from jail of the sect’s nominal leader, Maina Njenga. 

The demonstration in the city raises a number of interesting questions. If, as the police claimed, the Mungiki were crushed last year, where did these people spring from all of a sudden?

Secondly, how can such a huge group of youths descend into the city without the law enforcement officers getting wind of it? And how come no one was arrested for taking part in an illegal demonstration?

Third, is it possible anyone expects Kenyans to believe that this was a spontaneous demonstration by people overcome by the apparent injustices committed on their leader?

It is time the authorities recognised the Mungiki for what they are: A highly-organised, militarised outfit of mainly jobless youths who have very little to lose, and who are, therefore, a complete danger to society.

This is why the Government should move with alacrity to create jobs to absorb the high number of educated youths who have given in to despair and resorted to lawlessness to make a living. 

The Mungiki were not demonstrating merely because they were concerned about an individual; they were doing so to tell the Government, and Kenyans, that they still exist and will no longer be ignored. But why now?

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