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New squad formed to crack down on Mungiki

New squad formed to crack down on Mungiki

Published on March 7, 2008, 12:00 am

By Cyrus Ombati And Maseme Machuka

Another squad has been formed to crack down on Mungiki sect followers.

The squad, which will be based at CID headquarters, has been instructed to investigate and bring to book those behind the Wednesday protests by sect followers in Nairobi.

Sources in the force said some top Government officials were shocked and upset by the demonstrations.

“It was embarrassing for them to come up at this time. There is already a team in place to, if possible, track down all those who participated in the illegal demonstration,” said a senior police officer.

By Thursday, sources said the anti-Mungiki squad had gathered crucial leads that would lead to arrests.

Some officers spent Wednesday night in parts of Central Province and Nairobi investigating.

Nairobi PC, Mr James Waweru, admitted that security machinery was caught off guard when about 3,000 followers staged a demo in the streets.

“It was unfortunate that the sect ambushed us and we were doing a catch up chase game with them. However, our security agents reacted fast to push the sect out of the CBD,” said Waweru. He was speaking in his office when he met the Nairobi Peace Forum initiative.

But sources said some senior officers in Nairobi area police command had been tipped of the planned protests and brushed it aside.

The majority of the sect followers were ferried from Murang’a and Maragwa.

Waweru said investigation into the issue was being conducted professionally.

“We have launched investigation on the motive of this sect and we will soon be closing in on people behind them,” he added.

Police spokesman, Mr Eric Kiraithe, also said investigation into the incident had been launched with an aim of making “arrests and prosecution”.

“Mungiki is a criminal gang and we will not allow that to happen. They will regret what they did on Wednesday,” said Kiraithe.

He added that the sect remains a banned movement.

Hundreds of Mungiki followers staged a dramatic demonstration in Nairobi on Wednesday demanding the release of their chairman, Maina Njenga.

While chanting “No Maina No Peace” slogans, the demonstrators went through several streets for about 30 minutes before they were dispersed near Central police station. They described Njenga as a hero who had been forgotten.

An anti-Mungiki squad — Kwekwe, which was formed last year, was disbanded in January. Kwekwe quelled the sect activities even though it was accused of extra judicial killings.


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One thought on “New squad formed to crack down on Mungiki

  1. The mungiki issue should be left to the truth and reconciliation commission. Those who it is claimed met with mungiki b4 and after the elections should not be allowed to use the police as a death squad to protect themselves if we are to build a new kenya mungiki members must be allowed their day in court.they need a chance just like any other kenyans a chance to face the courts .if they are found guilty they must be delt with according to the law we can not have a return to police death squads aimed at silencing the truth by executing militia members b4 they spill the beans . Police officers should not allow themselves to be used to cover up crimes. The truth about mungiki must be known the truth must be told .a new kenya demands transparency and accountability . The government can not pretend to fight crime while covering up crime does anyone remember the 500 young men executed

    Let an independent body investigate mungiki activities

    Posted by kikuyunationalism | March 7, 2008, 3:55 pm

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