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Government says, PM to be third in government’s hierarchy

PM to be third in government’s hierarchy

Written By:Graham Kirwa   , Posted: Mon, Mar 10, 2008

Caption: Head of the public service Francis Muthaura clarified that the creation of the PM’s office does not interfere with the functions of the VP

The government has moved to clarify the confusion surrounding the creation of a prime minister’s post, saying his functions will be the co-ordination and supervision of government functions in consultation with the president.

Addressing a joint press conference Monday with government spokesman Dr. Alfred Mutua, Head of the Public Service Francis Muthaura further stated that the creation of the prime minister’s office does not interfere with the functions of the vice-president.

According to Muthaura, the prime minister will be placed third in the government’s pecking order.

Muthaura said according to the constitution the Vice President is ranked second to the president and would remain the head of Government Business in Parliament and principal assistant to the President.

He said the PM and his two deputies would have ministerial portfolios and that all ministers including the PM would be answerable to the president who is the appointing authority.

Muthaura said the president would continue to chair the cabinet.

Muthaura clarified that according to the accord signed between President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga, there was no mention of sharing of parastatals and plum government offices saying some were constitutional offices reserved for direct appointment by the president.

These include the holders of Constitutional offices, Permanent Secretaries, Ambassadors, Judges of the High Court, Chairpersons of boards and a few chief Executives of Parastatals.

Muthaura says all other civil servants in Central Government and Local Authorities are appointed by the Public Service Commission or through its delegated authority while Judicial Officers including Magistrates are appointed by the Judicial Service Commission.

Muthaura goes further to clarify that teachers are appointed by the Teachers Service Commission and Members of the Boards of Parastatals Except the Chairmen by their respective Ministers.

“Chief Executives of Parastatals are appointed by the ministers on recommendation of the respective Boards while other parastatal staff are appointed by their respective boards”, Muthaura says.

Muthaura thus assured the civil servants on the security of their jobs saying there were no fears of  politicization of the Public Service.

He at the same time urged for professionalism to ensure partisan politics do not creep into the civil service.

Meanwhile the newly created 10-member committee charged with drafting the programme for the grand coalition in the next five years officially began its work Monday.

Secretary to the cabinet Ambassador Francis Muthaura says the committee is now trying to marry the different manifestos from the three major parties namely PNU, ODM and ODM-K, to come up with a common one that will be used during the next five years.

The committee is also charged with coming up with a reconciliation program and ensure the immediate resettlement of Internally Displaced Persons.

The taskforce constituting of five PNU and five ODM members was created two weeks ago after the signing of the National accord between President Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga.


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