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Muthaura’s power deal point valid

Muthaura’s power deal point valid

Publication Date: 3/13/2008

Head of Public Service  Francis Muthaura is not the right person to interpret the power-sharing deal agreed upon by PNU and ODM.

But he was right to comment about the civil service, which, I think, should not be subject to the coalition deal. I understand that the Government has three essential arms: the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature. Governance rotates primarily around these three pillars, and politics is just an aspect that is engraved in one of these.

What is the reason then of intermingling politics with these principles as if they are species of the genus politics?

It is not only unhealthy, but also dangerous to draw civil boundaries along party interests.

Jinja, Uganda.

Mr Muthaura’s statement regarding the power-sharing deal was quite uncalled for.

He is a civil servant who should not engage in any political statements. There are people qualified to make such statements, especially at this time when our country is healing from post-election violence.

Mr Muthaura’s statements could easily be misinterpreted by some people and hence cause mistrust and mayhem.

Mr Muthaura should instead concentrate on winding up his term in office and leave it to younger qualified, jobless people.


Justice minister Martha Karua’s weekend comments about power-sharing were  most unfortunate.

Please Martha, leave it to the principals.

Much as lawyers think law is everything and hide behind it as the situation demands, we should be asking ourselves what led to the post-election crisis.

Kenyans are monitoring every statement very keenly and they know more than most leaders imagine.


While Kenya is healing from nearly two months of clashes, we don’t expect anyone to make utterances that can put our peace in jeopardy.

Mr Muthaura’s position on the power-sharing deal may be right according to the law, but it is against the agreement made by Mr Kofi Annan’s mediation team.

Mr Muthaura’s statement did no more than threaten to return Kenya to the violence that led to great loss of lives and property.


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