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Is it all just about the motorcade?

It’s not just about the motorcade, is it?

Publication Date: 3/16/2008

The debate of the week on the interpretation of the National Accord was exactly what one would expect: One side, possibly angling for a little more than they got, the other side angling to give a little less than they promised.

The haggling has just started and will continue until the new government is formed then, for a while, there will be a string of complaints as the hopes of some are dashed. There are probably more jobs than there are seekers.

We just wish that politicians from both sides could borrow a leaf from their principals, Mr Raila Odinga whose own contribution has been moderate and carefully reasoned and President Mwai Kibaki, who is good at not jumping headlong into every controversy.

As it is, politicians who, after all, are hired to talk, go into every argument with such heated and illogical extremism, conspiracy theory spinning and such a take-no-prisoners we-are-being-finished gusto that every debate verges on a declaration of war.

You have agreed to govern together, you are no longer enemies. Contain your passions, govern your fears, tame your prejudices, get a hold on your emotions and debate like partners.

It should not be lost on anyone, least of all Head of Public Service Francis Muthaura, that the accord is a power-sharing agreement. 

The Prime Minister must have real power, real authority and real influence in government. That power cannot be reduced in retrospect. This whole thing was not just about a motorcade.

Equally, the PM is not just an MP, he is the leader of the largest party in the House. In a democracy that should count for a lot.

And from a value point of view, to the Kenyan taxpayer, the PM makes sense only if he is given a lot to do.

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