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CCM will soon launch a National campaign to reclaim all grabbed lands.

Chama Cha Mwananchi CCM will soon launch a National campaign to reclaim all lands that belonged to Natives before and after the colonialist colonised Kenya.

CCM intends to go an extra mile to challenge Kenyan Politicians in whose hands such lands are held.

CCM will not stop there but will continue down the line to claim all lands that were grabbed by the leadership of Kenyatta and Moi. Lands that once belonged to indeginous wananchi but were grabbed from them by the 2 regimes leadership sycophants and their relatives.

CCM intends to give a backing to an opposition outside parliament and has already gotten in touch with like minds for this to happen. We in CCM as socialists believe in fair sharering of natural resources and that includes land. 

By going down this line which is one of the major tasks in our manifesto, we are going to need alot of support from all Kenyan communities. We think time has come for justice to be done and be seen done.

We hope that the new government setup will not conspire to derail this noble task by forming the so-called Truth and Justice commission as a delaying tactic in resolving land injustices among others. 

As Kenyans, we all know who grabbed which tracts of land that once belonged to thousands of today’s terrorised Kikuyus, Kalenjins and other wananchi.

We hope that Kenyans abroad will join us to becoming a voice to the voiceless and stop being carried away by the schemes of politicians out sharing political power.

The sooner the new government faces reality the better for this nation. The new MPs whose hands are not tainted with the bloody land scandals should avoid crafting new land looting scandals. Unfortunately some of those sharing power are part of the land fiascos in Kenya. Partly their quest for power is aimed at achieving protection of their looted wealth for themselves and their families, and not for uplifting the wealfare of the impoverished wananchi.

CCM does not aim to copy Mugabe land redistribution style but being accussed of wanting to derail Kenya’s stability by calling for land redistribution will not make CCM stop its quest for Justice.

 We in CCM are ready to defend our position only by peaciful means. We abhor negative ethnicity and call for wananchi to remain cool as we watch what the new leadership comes up with on this grave matter. No wonder some will see this approach as advocating Majimbo.

We do not intend to incite communities to evict other poor communities from areas not traditionaly known to belong to them.

We intend to have a united Kenya and that should be our guide as we go along this treacherous road towards righting the land ownweship wrongs. We hold to the fact that Kenyans can buy lands in places not traditionally their communities original homes.

But that right also means every community should first give its own community its share of land regardless of time past. Eg, Kikuyus had their community lands before muzungus came.

The Kikuyus supported by all other Kenyan communities have a right to those lands before being told to look for land elswhere in Rift Valley or Ukambani.

To make the majority poor Kenyans have their grabbed lands back  will not be easy but it shouldnt be made difficult by anyone.

CCM respects private properties ownweship, but not including looted properties or grabbed lands.

As traumatised Kenyans are told to return to death lands they should ask themselves what happened to their forefathers’ lands that they had to become landless.

After land is back to its orriginal owners(those who did not sell theirs) then land tecnological land usage and development will be put in place to make Kenya a self feeding nation.

 Meanwhile, every Kenyan who is not part of the problem should appeal to fellow Kenyans out there, still killing each other, to stop these insane acts. Those being killed and evicted are not the problem. The culprit is from one class that protects its loot no matter who leads Kenya. Time has come to demand justice for all impoverished kenyan lot.

Meanwhile, CCM is polling for better ideas from outside Kenya and in Kenya on how to peacefully go about this land revolutionary agenda.

Secretary General CCM

About SG

Secretary general of Chama Cha Mwananchi. This blog www.chamachamwananchi.wordpress.com, is based in Sweden.


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