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To some, I might be a little too hash but I think I know why Kenyan politicians are unwilling to tell the truth about the real causes of our land clashes given the mayhem they always result to.  

Whenever we the ordinary people demand to know the truth the politicians turn around and point to us an imaginary enemy: the kikuyus, the kalenjins, the Masaai, the Luhya, Kisii, the Luo, Mijikenda and so on.

Looking at this political game it is like when one gets robbed in Nairobi streets, and runs after the the thief, the thief himself shouts thief! thief! while pointing to the wrong direction and sometimes the accomplices of the robber shout thief pointing to the robbed. Many are the times the robbed get hurt and ends up being twice the victim, often locked up by police as the culprit or just get killed by the usually blood thirsty street mobs.

When all is quiet again the thief and his gang share the loot as police officers look on sometimes getting kickbacks from the loot. Utumishi kwa wote.

To me as is to many other voiceless Kenyans the reality of the causes of our land problems are not about to end just because Kibaki and Raila now finds time to play golf together and enjoy huge motorcades paid up by me and you.

The hate and animosity among kenyan communities will not end by making Mudavadi a deputy PM or creating many minitries to appease tribal chiefs out to share the national loot.

Land injustices will not go away just because a truth and justice commission will be created by those in parliament. The South African one just helped the Boars to keep their loot and entrenched themselves in positions in which the freed Africans could just look at the helpless Mandela who could not use his office to give them back their lands or improve their lifestyles. Well, the Boars are strong economically as they were before, while Africans remain as poor and angry as they were before political  independence was given to them by the Boars. Hence South African cities being the most dangerous places on earth today.

Truth and justice commission of the Mandela type will not be of use to us. I am almost sure that the elite in this country will just want a commission that will take time and be that of trying to cool down the traumatised and mentally disturbed Kenyans. A commission that would be composed of the elite and their rich backers will only subvert the real land grivances leave alone the looted millions of our monies by both Kibaki and Moi regimes.

Well, from our end, the ordinary wananchi, we have just become remote controlled political robbots driven by selfish and scheming politicians out there, keeping poor and busy on each others throat, having no time to question what went so wrong that we have become just like wild animals in a jungle called Kenya.

I think time has come to change goal posts and our style of politicking. If we cant tell the truth to the world or to our own communities we need to tell ourselves the truth and the truth only.

What happened to our lands before and after independence? Why were Kikuyus pushed to other communities lands?

What happened to these Kikuyu’s lands? Am sure all Kikuyus hand land before the whites colonized Kenya. That makes me wonder what happened to the land they fought for.

It is true that their lands were taken over by the Kenyatta sycophants and relatives.

Kenyatta messed up lives of the Mau Mau children not to mention the rest who worked on wanzungu white highlands. Lands they once owned before the colonizer came. Lands that Kenyatta took for himself and protected some of the rest for the white settlers.

The future of this country is at a greater risk if we the ordinary people fail to look at the other direction which politicians are not pointing at – themselves.

Instead of letting these power and wealth hungry politicians keep using us as pawns in their wealth and power games, let us now question them about and demand our right to lands of of our forefathers.

It will not be an easy task. The rich land owners and their henchmen in power will start calling us Mugabes and ask the wananchi to not listen to us, forgetting we need no one tell us what they did and continue to do 45 years after the Muzungu granted us political independence.

White lions were replaced by Black lions that made sure the economic interests of white lions continued to prosper under the care of Black Lions. Black lions led by Kenyatta became what they are today. All kenyan communities are represented in this Black Lions political and economical club.

It is not easy neither safe, but, how do we get back our land rights? Let us start by demanding to have back our lands as they were before 1963.

Let every Kenyan community ask their own community leaders where their lands are. In fact we need not look very far from where we stand in any corner of Kenya to know how much was taken from us. We all know where the lands are and who is sitting on them! They are all death marchants out to kill anyone about to question why they did and continue to do when it comes to land rights. JM died for this very reason.

The problem is not your poor, toiling like you, neighbor from Kiambu owning 2 acres of land in Eldoret or Narok or Gucha, in Lamu, Taita, Likoni or Transzoia.

The problem is all those who took hundreds and thousands of acres for themselves and their relatives, their henchmen, their protectors from the army, security forces,  and their former colonial masters.

Most of us know the culprits include Moi, Kenyatta family, Kibaki, Olentimama, the Odinga family, Mbiu Koinange family, the Boars owning large tea farms in Kericho, the Githunguris, the Biwotts, the Nyanchais, Beth Mugos and all those who took lands belonging to our grandparents and forefathers. They all are advocates of property protection and frequently cite the law and mention of title deeds.

Where were those title deeds when our fathers and grandparents went to the bush to demand back their lands? Where were they before independence? Saying they bought the lands, can they tell us from who? The whites? Whose government? Kenyatta’s government? Moi’s? Lets ask them!But they know that we know what went wrong and that we one day shall demand the righting of the wrongs they inflicted upon us the poor of this nation.

As we demand this justice, the displaced Kikuyus should refuse to be re-settle back to the lands belonging to other communities, and instead start seriuosly demanding to be resettled in Kikuyu lands, where they owned land before the wazungu came. The Kissi, the masai the Luhya, the Boran, the Pokot and others should aslo do likewise.

Those who willingly sold their lands in Kikuyu land or elsewhere later after independence should not be part of this demand.

It appears the mayhem after the elections have been shelved. The Kalenjins should take this chance to re-focus their thinking and look at the thousands of acres of land their own community politicians. Lands that belonged to them, lands they as a community did not sell to them.

Meanwhile, as ordinary wananchi ponder which way and means to right the wrongs of land distribution, ordinary Kenyans should stop the killings and evictions of innocent poor people, who also happen to be victims of land injustices.

It is time we  all reject tribal incitements from all those politicians who misled and continue to mislead the nation by looting land and other national resources. 

When we demand justice, we ordinary Kenyans  should have in mind that we must get justice done in practical ways and in good time.

You want the truth? the above is just part of the reality. You want to assist end land clashes and mayhem?Wherever you are if you are not part of the problem, tell wananchi whats eating them up uncut and unshaved. Tell wananchi and yourself that things can be even worse than they are if today’s politicians  continues to evade and misdirect the land problems. Today as was yesterday politicians in this country only concern themselves selfishly on government power sharing for themselves. The poor powerless and terorised wananchi remain as they were from the word go.

You want to say this is Majimbo thinking? Call it what you like, but whatever you say will not change the truth.

Kenya’s ordinary people need to form a broad and united land redistribution movement and have it in place instead of joining and wasting time in political parties led by death marchants.

What is you guidance dear reader? Do you have an idea what means the wananchi can enlist towards this liberation from a few big land owners, and the few oppressive rich of Kenyan politicians? Write to us.



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