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Ballots to Bullets

Organized Political Violence and Kenya’s Crisis of Governance

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Summary and Recommendations
(28 pages, 1.8 Mb)

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More on Human Rights Watch’s work on Kenya

Map of Kenya




Background: Kenya’s Long-Term Crisis of Governance

Human Rights Violations in the Context of the General Election

Use of Excessive Force and Extrajudicial Killings by Police

Organized Violence in the Rift Valley

The Response of the Kenyan Government

The Response of International Actors


Annex 1: Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation, Agreement establishing a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission
(PDF file – 3 pages, 698 kb)

Annex 2: Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation, Agreement establishing a Commission of Inquiry on Post-Election Violence
(PDF file – 3 pages, 614 kb)

Annex 3: Terms of Reference for the Independent Review Committee to investigate the General Election of 2007 (PDF file – 4 pages, 748 kb)
March 2008   Volume 20, No. 1(A)


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