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Kenya, new law week, Mungatana says.

New law weak, says Mungatana

Published on March 20, 2008, 12:00 am

By Alex Ndegwa, Peter Atsiaya and Stephen Makabila

An MP wants a tribunal to arbitrate disputes in the coalition Government established.

Garsen MP, Mr Danson Mungatana, on Wednesday further proposed a secretariat to act as a “nerve centre” for the coalition. He said the office would safeguard documents such as coalition agreements.

Mungatana said this would ensure the coalition spirit was upheld and save it the problems that faced the 2002 agreement.

The MP said the National Accord and Reconciliation Act, which Parliament passed on Tuesday, had “gaping holes” that could cause pitfalls.

Mungatana, however, clarified he was not opposed to the laws. But he said the National Accord and Reconciliation Bill should not have been “rushed without adequate debate”.

He said MPs would have sealed loopholes in structures and procedures.

Speaking at a news conference at Parliament Buildings, the MP said it was not safe to leave the coalition’s fate with President Kibaki and Prime Minister-designate, Mr Raila Odinga. He said several MPs from both sides shared his concerns.

Meanwhile, four bishops have thanked Parliament for passing the Bills, which paved way for the power-sharing deal. They asked MPs to now focus on resettling the displaced people.

Kisumu Catholic Archbishop Zachaues Okoth and Bishop Washington Ngede of Power of Jesus Around the World said this was the beginning of a road to prosperity.

Elsewhere, the Universities Academic Staff Union Chairman, Dr Sammy Kubasu, said power-sharing would allow learning to resume at the learning institutions.

“Universities had been affected. We hope the situation will normalise,” he said.


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