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Kenya, address NEP massacres, residents demand

Address NEP massacres, residents demand

Published on March 22, 2008, 12:00 am

By Ali Abdi

Residents of northern Kenya want the mediation talks team to include in its agenda atrocities committed in the region during the shifta war of the 1960s.

Elders and the civil society petitioned the team led by Prof Oluyemi Adeniji to include injustices against the community by the colonialists and successive governments in Agenda 4.

Agenda 4 covers essential changes in law and the Constitution, the establishment of the Justice and Reconciliation Commission, constitutional offices and land issues

They said on Friday the massacres in Garbatulla, Garissa and Wagalla years ago should be probed.

Led by Mr Hassan Guyo Shano of Waso Trustland Project and Mr Yussuf Dogo of Friends of Nomads International (Foni), the group said the Kenyatta regime used force to quell post-independence rebellion in the region.

The infamous shifta war broke out after independence after local leaders declared they wished to cede to Somalia in early 1960s.

Shano claimed the local military used the scorched earth policy to defeat the ragtag rebels between 1963 and 1967 when the war ended.

Thousands of people were killed during the war. Some were killed in camps locals refer to as ‘daaba’ and Mosques — where families took refuge.

The area was under a state of emergence until 1992 when Section 2A of the Constitution was amended to introduce multipartism.

Residents also want an affirmative action plan through an Act of Parliament. They say this will compel the Government to build schools, roads, health care, and water and develop the livestock sector.


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