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Kenya, stop misinformation and wild speculation”, gvt.

Kenyans urged not to speculate on the cabinet

Written By:Rose Kamau   , Posted: Mon, Mar 24, 2008

Kenyans have been urged to be patient as they await the announcement of cabinet appointments.

Government spokesman Dr Alfred Mutua says consultations on the formation of the new Cabinet are going on very well – even better than expected.

“Kenyans are requested to be patient and should not fall victim to misinformation and wild speculation”, Mutua said.

In a statement posted on the Office of Public Communication website, Dr Mutua added “Currently, Kenyans are celebrating the Easter Weekend and there is no hitch nor deadlock and the Cabinet for a New Kenya will be announced by President Mwai Kibaki as soon as expected and as per set program”. 

He asked the media not to engage in speculation which causes unnecessary anxiety amongst Wananchi.

In the past few days speculation has been rife as to the composition of the new look Cabinet following the signing of the power sharing accord by President Mwai Kibaki and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

The two leaders are set to meet Tuesday amid claims of intense lobbying and back stage fighting among the aspirants for the posts.

In naming the cabinet the two leaders have to grapple with issues of regional balancing, gender parity, party balance, size of cabinet and sharing of the so-called plum ministries.

National Assembly Speaker Francis Marende has urged the two leaders to pick dynamic leaders and not to ‘recycle’ the same people from past cabinets.

Nobeal laureate Prof Wangari Maathai on her part called for a lean cabinet.

“Government is expensive. In an ideal situation 15 cabinet ministers will be enough to run the country effectively”, she said.

On Sunday South Imenti MP Kiraitu Murungi who had been touted as a possible PNU candidate for the post of Deputy Prime Minister withdrew from the race.

While calling for a fair distribution of political appointments in the yet to be constituted coalition government, Murungi said the impending cabinet line up should reflect the countries’ diversity and be inclusive of all the Kenyan communities. 

“I am ready to sacrifice my deputy prime ministers’ ambition for the sake of national cohesion” Murungi said.


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