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Our Leaders And The Destiny They Set For Their People


Ethiopia, Ethiopia, Ethiopia.

A place where i call home. A place where different religions (like Islam and Christian) co-existed for centuries, with peace and harmony. A place that finds its way to rank as one of the poorest countries in the world, yet populates one of the most sociable and loving people in the world.

Simply, if you meet an Ethiopian, you will most likely find her/him to be respectful towards people, very shy at first, humble – and if you befriend an Ethiopian he would most likely make a good friend.

I do say all of that to separate Ethiopians from the leaders they produce.

Our Presidents might go around the world and shake hands with different world leaders, but back home every time their plane leaves there are many that pray that it never returns.

Ethiopia is a country i am glad i was born in. But i have never been proud of the leaders that managed to take the helm so far. The 2 leaders in recent memory are Meles Zenawi and Mengistu Hailemariam. And both are not leaders one’s country would truly be proud of.

Our leaders are mostly responsible for most of the chaos that puts us in Headline News around the world. Poverty, lack of education, political instability to name a few, are all issues that can be traced back to the leaders of this country. Ethiopia is a nation where the Prime Minister runs the country with a tight grip.

Kids in Ethiopia don’t aspire to be a mayor of their city. If they have any political aspirations i am sure it is to be the leader of the whole nation.
Ethiopians tend to point fingers at their Prime Minister more often than they would at the mayor of their city. That’s the type of Governship that fails a country and its people.

When we talk about corruption, i don’t know about you, but Ethiopia comes to my mind.

Ethiopia’s political, economical and every system in between is one that is infested with Corruption.

But in the end when we talk about leadership, don’t we have to hold all types of leaders accountable?

When we point fingers Ethiopia’s Prime Minister/ President for all things bad, that wouldn’t help to solve our problem. Besides, we don’t need scape goats. Leaders have to be held accountable from top to bottom.

If you fail the people of your city and/or state you must be held accountable. That doesn’t make you less responsible, as your actions are the very action in culmination that would tear a country down.

It is about time that we drop our pride and learn a thing or two about how others in the western world run their country and try to copy and duplicate their success.

Our leaders from state level to federal level all have a behavior that is uniform.

As the people, we should hold leaders from our city equally responsible as we would our President. Only with that type of unwavering and consistent measurements of ethics would Ethiopia produce a kid, one day, that is not – greedy and corruptible; and would only look out for his nation’s and people’s best interest.

I’d love to hear your perspectives on this- leave a comment if you have anything to say…

One Response to “Our Leaders And The Destiny They Set For Their People”

  1. I approach everything i read objectively. And this post is flawless. It makes a great deal of sense. And if the leaders were responsible from top to bottom, we wouldn’t need any type of help from the Western World.

    P.S. I run across your blog by accident, and i must say i am impressed with your different views on such a wide array of issues. You are brilliant.

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