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Kibaki wasn’t fair, say Central MPs

Published on April 16, 2008, 12:00 am

By Moses Njagih And Philip Mwakio

Discontent is growing in parts of Central Province over Cabinet appointments.

Some MPs expressed disappointment after their districts were allegedly overlooked, saying President Kibaki failed in sub-regional balancing.

Limuru MP, Mr Peter Mwathi, and his Githunguri counterpart, Mr Njoroge Baiya, said the larger Kiambu, which comprise Kiambu East and West districts, was ignored.

“There is discontent among residents. People of Kiambu feel they were given a raw deal,” said Baiya.

Mwathi said Kibaki should have rewarded the support he got from the district.

“The feeling is that residents were not appreciated even after giving the President more than 300,000 votes — more than what he got in Kirinyaga and Nyeri, which were better rewarded,” said Mwathi.

He said the President should have appointed one of the five MPs an assistant minister.

An MP from Maragua District, who refused to be named, had similar sentiments. “While he rewarded his Nyeri backyard and Kirinyaga with a minister and an assistant each, it is unfair that he did not consider districts like Kiambu and Maragua,” he said.

Meanwhile, Muslim for Human Rights (Muhuri) has said the bloated Cabinet was burden to the taxpayer. Mr Hussein Khalid, the programmes co-coordinator, said: “Kenyans continue to be the most taxed. With a bloated Cabinet, Kenyans should expect more taxes.’’

Khalid claimed that the National Accord and Reconciliation Act had been flouted because portfolio balance was ignored.

“The Cabinet can be said to be illegal as it does not meet the portfolio balancing set by the Act. It seems only one side made concessions,” he alleged.

Muhuri said the naming of the Cabinet was an anti-climax of the peace negotiations.

“Kenyans expected real power sharing. History will judge the two principals harshly,” said Khalid.

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