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Kenya, Kibaki tells off hecklers on IDP plans

Kibaki tells off hecklers on IDP plans

Published on April 25, 2008, 12:00 am

By Biketi Kikech and Osinde Obare

Those opposed to displaced people’s going back to their farms are wasting their time because the Government will ensure that it happens, President Kibaki has said.

“Let’s accept each other and live in harmony,” said Kibaki.

He said those living in camps will also be assisted to reconstruct their homes and plant crops so that the country can produce enough food.

Youth strive to catch a glimpse of leaders during a reconciliation meeting at the Eldoret showground on Thursday. Picture by Peter Ochieng

The President later told those displaced at Geta farm in Trans-Nzoia District that they would be given land title deeds.

He introduced the new Lands and Settlement minister, Mr James Orengo, and asked him to expedite the issuance of the title deeds.

The President assured the displaced in Trans-Nzoia that the Government would deal ruthlessly with instigators of violence.

“Blame yourself if you are caught because the Government will not tolerate those bent on breaking the law,” said Kibaki.

The Head of State said no one had the right to evict another from his or her home because they had all rightfully settled where they lived. The President said those claiming to have lost their land or having historical injustices should register their grievances with the Government.

In Cherangany, Prime Minister Raila Odinga pledged that the grand coalition would address issues concerning the resettlement of the displaced to enable them go back to their farms as soon as possible.

He asked Kenyans to reconcile and forge ahead with building the nation through a harmonious working relationship.

Special Programmes minister, Dr Naomi Shaban, told the displaced people at Geta farm that they would receive 17,000 pieces of iron sheets to reconstruct houses.

She said those in camps would also be provided with nails and other building materials this month so they can move back to their homes as soon as possible.

Many families at Geta farm have gone back home from the Kachibora camp, which used to hold about 15,000 displaced people.

The President said he was also happy to see that residents had not changed their ways.

He told them the new Cabinet agreed to chart a new course for the country. He asked Kenyans to help those who were displaced construct new homes.

Agriculture minister, Mr William Ruto and his Industrialisation counterpart, Mr Henry Kosgey, called for the release of suspects arrested for allegedly taking part in post-election violence because they had not been proved guilty and yet they were languishing in police cells.

Ruto said some chiefs and assistants were also sacked for not stopping the violence yet they did not have the capacity to do so.

The minister called for their reinstatement, saying they had committed no offence.

Kosgey said 152 Administration Police officers were transferred to far-flung districts when the violence broke out because they were from the local community.

He asked the President to help resettle people evicted from Kipkurere and Kipkong forests.

There was confusion earlier in the morning when it emerged that the President and the Prime Minister were not scheduled to visit the Eldoret show ground displaced people’s camp.

The 17,000 displaced persons huddled in groups and said they would not go to Kipchoge stadium.

The President later made a brief visit and assured the displaced that they would be resettled.

Both displaced and those who attended the showground meeting said nothing had been achieved apart from politicians making their usual promises.

Only one MP from the South Rift, Mr Charles Keter (Belgut) who is an Assistant minister for Energy, attended the meeting.



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