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Kenya, No victory without Conflict

OUTSIDE THE BOX – Remember that there’s no victory without conflict

Publication Date: 4/26/2008

As some people hop from bar to bar so do I sometimes find myself hopping from church to church looking for that rich sermon that will hold me captive, totally immersed and, if I am lucky, goad me into writing. And I chanced on one such delivery about shape.

In trying to explain our uniqueness, the preacher sought to drive home the fact that we all have shapes that can and do fit where we are, when we are.

We are all riddled with questions about ourselves, our lives and our destiny; a quotation by the wife of a now dead famous singer bespeaking what really was the driving force behind her husband’s continuously super-charged performances; an escape from the nagging question about his purpose in life.

We all have a different purpose in life, having been created with a unique destiny. In as far as this is understood therefore is the simplistic acceptance that our shapes are different in order that we fulfil our missions differently, yet wholesomely.

The church could be a building on which the faithful converge, but the deeper meaning of this word is in the people that congregate to worship their creator. In this setting, therefore, is the need for spiritual gifts for the good of all.

That there are people able to understand the teachings and guide the rest into uniformity of thought and understanding as much as there will be those whose wisdom will guide the rest along the paths of  knowledge. All the gifts, however, different and unique, will always be for the good of the entire congregation; for such is the church, a place of unity.

We each have different desires. In our hearts are different passions and interests. There are certain unique things that we like doing even when others fail to understand why.

It is imperative that we set ourselves up to doing that which we like doing and to the very best of our abilities. I have discussed in these columns success and fulfilment and how these words mean different things to different people.

However, in looking out for our heart’s desires is the engagement in activities and jobs that make sense to us only, and which can deliver with much energy, thereby drawing success as close to fulfilment as possible.

We all have different abilities and to pass on our blessings to others we must know just how far we can stretch ourselves. Each one of us is given enough skills and talents with which to survive, however it is the onus of every individual to develop these.

Among us are people born with leadership qualities and others with conflict resolution skills, as we recently saw, yet others are the architects and planners of our undertakings. Our unique personalities serve to remind us of our inter-dependence because none can really be without the others.

Our experiences are to enable us to understand people who now go through what we have so that we may comfort and understand them. Perseverance, patience, trust and empathy are all qualities that are born out of what we live through; that we will be shot into nostalgic energy when we come across those that need us to be their comforters or their mentors.

Experiencing a loss is the reminder that sometimes things are taken from us so that we may see the richness that we have, but never really see the goodness in.

Trouble is sent to bless us for there remains no victory without conflict, so ended the rich sermon on shape, neatly packaged as spiritual gifts, heart’s desires, abilities, personality and experience.

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