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Karua rules out amnesty

Publication Date: 4/29/2008

There will be no amnesty for those involved in post-election violence.  And no pre-conditions should be set before internal refugees were resettled, stated Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs minister Martha Karua at the weekend.

The minister said those agitating for talks before settlement were wasting their time. “Some people have been calling for forgiveness of those arrested but I want to say that the due course of law must take charge,” she said.

Ms Karua was speaking on Sunday at AIPCA Kiriti Church in Tetu, Nyeri South, where she presided over a funds drive for the institution’s theological college.

She said if amnesty was granted, people would also demand the release of people arrested on other grounds.

“In central Kenya, young men have for the last two years or so been arrested for being members of the outlawed Mungiki sect. Local leaders will demand for their release also if some leaders are allowed to have their way,” she said.

The minister said instead of calling for amnesty, the leaders should demand speedy expedition of the cases so that the innocent can be released.

“What we should have is expediting of cases so that the innocent can be set free.

“The law also provides for reconciliation where parties agree and this can also be applied. The leaders should have faith in our laws,” Ms Karua said.

Historical injustices dated back to the colonial days, she noted, and every region had issues to raise when the time comes.

“Thousands of people are suffering in camps and there is nothing to discuss before they are back in their farms. Historical injustices affect all and will be addressed in due course,” she said.

She blamed the founders of the nation, saying the problems currently gripping the country could have been settled when the country was still young.


The rule of law must always prevail, she maintained and hit out at those calling for the disbandment the Electoral Commission of Kenya.

“If ECK is bad as some people want us to believe, why do they allow themselves to be called members of Parliament and yet they were declared by the same body? ECK commissioners have security of tenure and no matter what some want, the law must be obeyed,” she said.

Ms Karua reiterated she would be gunning for the top seat in future.


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