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Shock as missing woman’s body found in fridge

Published on May 3, 2008, 12:00 am

By Cyrus Ombati

THE body of a woman who went missing two months ago was found locked in her refrigerator.

Police suspected the woman was murdered and the body stashed in the fridge by a lover.

The deceased, Christine Luta Wesonga, 26, went missing on March 11 and her mobile phone had been off since then.

Her neighbours at Mwimuto estate, Kiambu, were forced to call the police after detecting a bad odour from her house, especially during power blackouts.

“There are frequent power blackouts here, which may have caused the body to decompose,” said a neighbour.

Police found the body after the caretaker opened the house with a spare key on Thursday.

The neighbours said Wesonga’s parents and relatives had been to the house several times.

“They came at least twice to check if she had showed up but found the door locked. They would peep through the window and on seeing it intact, leave,” said a neighbour.

The caretaker said he had been waiting for the woman to show up and pay her March and April rent in vain.

The woman stayed alone in the one bed-roomed house on a third floor.

The neighbours said they rarely saw the woman or her visitors. She had lived the in house for a month.

“She kept to herself most of the time. I know very little about her,” said the caretaker.

Police found foodstuff placed on the table.

“It seems her killer or killers removed the foodstuff from the fridge so they could stuff the body in,” said the Officer Commanding Police Division, Mr Jay Munyambu.

Munyambu said they had launched a manhunt for her boyfriend.

Wesonga’s family said the deceased had discussed a business prospect with her father prior to her death.

They said they had extended the search to airports, mortuaries and hospitals in vain.

Shocked residents discussed the incident in low tones.


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