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Ethnic bigotry can only destroy us

Ethnic bigotry can only destroy us

Publication Date: 5/5/2008

Ethnic chauvinism is mental decomposition, which retrogressively sets an individual at loggerheads with a member of another ethnic background.

It’s a monster that threatens to scatter our beloved country into irreversible tribal segments, with disastrous and unfathomable economic and social consequences.

To harbour such mentality is not only retrogressive, but the highest level of mental bankruptcy, to say the least.

This mentality reduces our thinking to the era of Stone Age.

We must, therefore, jealously  discard this social decadence for the benefit of the grand national cohesion, reconciliation and healing to be realised. This is especially so after our country has virtually segmented itself along ethnic affiliations and cocoons caused by the latest disputed polls.

 Let us all embrace the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood for the sake of human development during our generation and those to come.

Ukunda, Mombasa

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