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Gideon urges Maasai community to unite

Published on May 5, 2008, 12:00 am

By Peter Mutai and Isaac Ongiri

Former Baringo Central MP Gideon Moi has urged members of Kipsigis community in Transmara to withdraw their candidature in the forthcoming by-election.

Moi said the community should support a candidate fronted by the Maasai community.

“Among the Maasai when a man invites people for a feast, they cannot eat the tongue of the cow slaughtered for them because it belongs to the owner of the animal,” he said.

Moi, who was speaking at Poroko village in Transmara at the weekend, told members of the Maasai community to rally behind one candidate to ensure that leadership remains within the community.

“I appeal to politicians to nominate one candidate to ensure they retain leadership,” he said.

Moi spoke as the Kipsigis community mandated 70 elders to choose one candidate who will face off with other contestants in the June by-elections.

Among the candidates who have declared interest for the Kilgoris seat are former ministers Mr Julius Sunkuli and Mr Gideon Konchellah, Mr Peter Ole Sapalan, Mr Samuel Tunai and Mr Daniel Kiptunen.

Meanwhile, the ECK has posted Mr Mohamed Adow as the Returning Officer and Ibrahim Shapo as his deputy in the forthcoming by elections.

The two arrived in Kilgoris on Sunday to begin preparations for repeat polls in which 13 candidates will participate.

The Electoral Commission of Kenya cancelled election results in Kilgoris after the exercise was marred by violence.




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