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Minister backs Mungiki talks

Published on May 6, 2008, 12:00 am

By Moses Njagih

A Cabinet minister and an MP have supported calls on the Government to negotiate with Mungiki.

Gender and Children minister, Ms Esther Murugi and Ndaragwa MP, Mr Jeremiah Kioni, said the Government should listen to Mungiki’s grievances.

The central Province MPs said it had become impossible for the Government to suppress the sect members by killing them.

“These people called Mungiki are our children and every time we see them hunted and gunned down we feel bad. We equally feel bad when they engage in criminal activities,” said Murugi.

The minister said instead of using force against the sect members, the Government should hold dialogue with them.

“We believe there are now more than two million sect members. Is it possible to shoot them all?” asked the minister.

The MP added: “We must look for ways of bringing them back to the right track and this can only be achieved by talking to them to understand their grievances so that we can know how to help them.”

Kioni said he had given notice to move a Motion for the setting up of a committee to engage the sect members in dialogue.

“The committee of about 10 or 15 respected people should talk to Mungiki. Nobody will be considered out of mind for talking with the sect members,” said Kioni.

He said the Government had a duty to talk to the sect leaders and prevent mayhem.

Last week, a number of central Kenya leaders, led by former Defence minister, Mr Njenga Karume, and former Mathioya MP, Mr Joseph Kamotho, called on the Government to negotiate with the sect leader.

The Mungiki leader, Maina Njenga, is currently serving a five-year jail term.

However, the police have ruled out the possibility of holding talks with the sect members.

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